What channel is the Bahrain Grand Prix on? How to watch on TV

A pack of cars racing in Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

The Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is almost here. If you’re a Formula One fan, you’ve been watching the practices on the official F1 live stream that have been happening over the last few days. The drivers are all warmed up now and have the Bahrain International Circuit’s twists and turns down pat. Now it’s time to see how well that practice has paid off.

The Bahrain International Circuit has been hosting Formula One races since 2004, and was the first circuit in the Middle East to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It’s known for large run-off areas, which allow drivers a bit of wiggle room when it comes to staying on the track, and it’s a one-two start for Red Bull with Verstappen and Perez up front.

What channel is the Bahrain Grand Prix on?

The Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix will air on ESPN2 on Sunday, March 5 at 10 a.m. ET. The pre-show will start at 8:30 a.m. ET. ESPN is the only channel showing the Grand Prix in the US, but there are a few ways you can access it. If you have cable, just switch over to ESPN on your TV and watch away.

ou can also log into the ESPN app on a computer or smartphone using your cable subscription username and password. Not that this is different than ESPN+. The Grand Prix is also being shown on ESPN+, so if you have that subscription too, or the Disney Bundle, you can always log into the app on your TV. The Grand Prix is also being shown on ESPN Deportes in Spanish.

Watch the Bahrain Grand Prix live stream online

If you’ve cut the cord on your cable subscription, there are still options for streaming the races online, including one way to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix live stream for free. That’s FuboTV, which offers a one-week free trial to new customers — no strings attached. Seeing as it’ll have all of the races in the Formula 1 74th World Championship, it’s probably worth keeping it after.

Meanwhile, the race is being broadcast for free in Austria and Luxembourg, through ORF in Austria and RTL Zwee in Luxembourg. This is fantastic news for those in the countries, but devastating for residents traveling abroad who want to watch the action unfold live in their local language — especially when it’s free to watch at home.

It’s only fitting that an Austrian currently in the United States would want to watch the race in Austrian and not English, right? This is completely safe (and legal) to do with a VPN. All they need to do is download and install one in their device, set their location to either Austria or Luxembourg, depending on where they’re from, and then head over to the relevant website above.

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