Forget LG and Sony: Samsung’s 65-inch OLED TV is $1,000 off

2022 Samsung OLED TV S95B seen on a media unit.

The 65-inch Samsung S95B OLED is on a big sale today. We’re talking four digits. It’s for a limited time only, of course, but if you act quickly it is all yours. The 65-inch Samsung S95B OLED is typically a $3,000 TV, but you can get it today for just $2,000. That’s $1,000 in total savings. If you’re not yet sure what TV size to buy, or know you need a smaller TV, you should also be aware that the 55-inch version is also on a pretty big sale. It’s usually $2,200, but has been dropped down by $600 to a very palatable $1,600. Either way, these are OLED TV deals that you shouldn’t consider missing, but might if you don’t act soon.

Why you should buy the Samsung S95B OLED

The first thing to work through with the Samsung S95B OLED is what it truly means to be an “OLED” TV. Let’s start by comparing OLED vs QLED, the top two display techs you’ll see in typical TVs. Between the two, OLED TVs — like the Samsung S95B OLED — reign supreme due to their great viewing angles, deep blacks, and power-saving tech. In fact, the Samsung S95B OLED is a bit beyond a standard OLED and is something we like to call a QD-OLED, which provides enriched brightness on top of the deep darks. It even has improved color accuracy. You’ll basically only see this tech in the Samsung S95B OLED and Sony A95K, so if you want in on it, this is the deal for you.

Other cool features of the Samsung S95B OLED include its neural quantum processor, which allows for 4K upscaling to bring your old favorites up to modern standards. It also provides a fantastic Dolby Atmos environment, with special features that quickly sync up to Samsung soundbars, meaning you can get a robust cinematic sound system without the extra work.

If you want to take advantage of these TV deals, you’ll have to act soon as all we know is that they are for a limited time only. Again, the 65-inch Samsung S95B OLED is down $1,000, from $3,000 to $2,000 while the 55-inch version has dropped $600, from $2,200 to $1,600.

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