What time is the Bahrain Grand Prix? Practice, qualifying, and race times

Ferrari 2015 Bahrain Gran Prix
Ferrari at the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

It’s finally time for the first round of the 2023 Formula 1 Championship, which kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix. In season’s past, particularly last season, the event has been pretty entertaining and dramatic. Last year, even after looking very much like it was going to win, Red Bull had a few reliability problems and Ferrari came out on top. It was certainly interesting to watch on the F1 live stream when it all went down.

Of course, Red Bull looks like a strong contender again this year, as does Ferrari. But the question remains, who will start the season out strong, and will anyone else take the lead besides these two teams? The best way to find out, as you might expect, is to tune in and watch for yourself. Yes, you can always read a quick rundown of what’s happened, or what happens after the fact, but that’s never quite as interesting, is it? That’s precisely why we’re going to explore everything you need to know about this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix, including event times, how to watch, and where. Buckle up and let’s go.

What Time is Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 1?

As dedicated F1 viewers likely know, there are always a few practice rounds before Qualifying kicks off and the eventual true race, which takes place after all of that. Practice allows drivers to get their skills, vehicles, and minds ready for the big day — particularly by doing laps around the track before Qualifying.

2023’s Bahrain Grand Prix officially kicks off with Practice One starting at 6:25 AM EST on Friday March 3rd and should be viewable on ESPN2 for live cable viewers.

What Time is Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 2?

2023’s Bahrain Grand Prix Practice Two is scheduled for 9:55 AM EST, with the session set to start at 10 AM EST. Like the previous practice session it should be viewable on ESPN2 for live cable viewers.

The F1 Show will begin its broadcast on Friday at 12 PM EST on ESPN3 for live cable viewers, as well.

What Time is Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 3?

2023’s Bahrain Grand Prix Practice Three will kick off the next day, on Saturday March 4th at 6:35 AM EST. It will also be viewable on ESPN2 for live cable viewers.

What Time is Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying?

Qualifying begins almost immediately proceeding the final practice session on Saturday March 4th. It kicks off at 9:55 AM EST and those with live cable can watch on ESPN2.

What Time is the Bahrain Grand Prix?

The main race officially begins on Sunday March 5th with the initial laps of the race starting at 9:55 AM EST and the Checkered Flag scheduled for 12 PM EST. The event should be available on both ESPN and ESPN+ for affected subscribers.

How to Watch the Bahrain Grand Prix Live Stream

One of the best ways to watch F1 and the Bahrain Grand Prix live stream, and our top recommend, is through FuboTV. Honestly, it’s the quickest and easiest way to dive into ESPN content, as well, especially thanks to FuboTV’s free trial. Why? Because once you sign up, you can stream live TV content, including live sports, for up to a week.

Even better, it’s up to you where you tune in, with options to watch on a variety of devices including smart TVs, streaming media players, tablets, phones, computers, and more. If you have to get up for a bathroom break, or want a snack, you can always grab your phone and keep watching the race in the meantime — while leaving it on, on your living room TV. That’s convenient, and you won’t ever miss a lap!

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