How to get the Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

Even though Hogwarts Legacy includes the lockpicking spell Alohomora, there are still plenty of doors that require keys to open. Being such a big map, a small key is easy to miss, especially the Key of Admittance, which grants you access to a secret area with some worthwhile loot. Here’s how you can get and use it in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to get the Key of Admittance

Before you begin your search for the Key of Admittance, you first not only need to learn the Alohomora spell, but upgrade it to level three. This is done by collecting enough Demiguise Statues hidden around the world.

Step 1: Once you have level three Alohomora, mount your broom and fly to the highest tower of Hogwarts.

Step 2: Find the outside balcony you can land on.

A wizard near a level three lock.

Step 3: Head up the spiral stairs and unlock the level three door.

Step 4: Search the desk inside for the Key of Admittance.

A glowing key on a desk.

Step 5: Once you have the key, fast travel over to the Trophy Room Floo Flame.

Step 6: Go up the stairs to the ornate locked door.

A large ornate door.

Step 7: Use the key to open it and loot all the chests and goodies inside!

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