We can’t believe this Samsung 75-inch QLED TV is $1,000 off

The Samsung Q70A 4K TV on a media console in a modern loft-style dwelling.

We don’t often see top-of-the-line TVs get price cuts this big. Samsung is blowing our minds this week with some incredible TV deals. The best of the best is this $1,000 discount on the Samsung Q70A QLED TV, bringing the price to $1,300. If you’ve been scanning QLED TV deals waiting for the opportune moment to strike, this is your green light. This deal won’t stick around forever, so get it while it’s hot.

Why you should buy the 75-inch Samsung Q70A QLED TV

QLED technology is a great way to enjoy superior image quality compared to regular 4K pictures. It adds a layer of quantum dots to a regular 4K screen. These dots emit their own light with a high level of efficiency once they’re exposed to light. Able to display more colors with greater accuracy, it’s a great way of enjoying a better-looking picture at all times. Samsung is one of the best TV brands around so it’s made the best of such technology in the 75-inch Samsung Q70A QLED TV. It has a powerful Quantum Processor 4K that is powered by machine learning so it can enhance any picture into crisp 4K quality. Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology gives you minimal motion blur and enhanced motion clarity with a 120Hz refresh rate that’s ideal for gaming or sports. There’s also dual LED technology with dedicated warm and cool LED backlights to optimize colors and dramatically enhance contrast. All the things that make this one of the best QLED TVs around at the moment.

Besides the 100% color volume with Quantum Dot technology, the 75-inch Samsung Q70A QLED TV is smart too. It has multiple voice assistant support including Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. A dedicated game mode is ideal for gamers, while even its speakers have object tracking technology so you feel truly immersed in what you’re watching. Such features make it ideal for anyone considering buying one of the best TVs.

Normally priced at $2,300, the 75-inch Samsung Q70A QLED TV is down to $1,300 for a limited time only when you buy direct from Samsung. A huge price cut of $1,000, this is the perfect time to embrace QLED technology in style and for less than before. Buy it now before the 43% saving ends.

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