This simple trick will let you read millions of books for FREE

Amazon Kindle Scribe.

Amazon has a great deal on Kindle Unlimited right now so you can enjoy the opportunity to read millions of books without paying a cent. When you sign up to Kindle Unlimited today, you get two months of access to the service entirely for free, saving you $20 off the regular price. Usually Kindle Unlimited has a one-month free trial so you’re getting twice as long to try out the service before paying up. There’s no catch here with all new subscribers that are Prime members being able to sign up. You just need to remember to hit the cancel button before the two months are up to avoid paying. Here’s why Kindle Unlimited is so great.

Why you should sign up for Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is essentially what you get if you cross Netflix with a library. It offers you access to more than a million titles for Kindle, including ebooks, comic books, audiobooks, and even magazines. You can borrow up to 10 items at a time which should be more than enough for anyone. Any time you want to swap something out, you can simply return them whenever you need to, before moving on to something new.

For voracious readers who have just snapped up one of the best Kindles, this tops the already huge amount of free Kindle books on Amazon Prime. However, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can enjoy what’s here as you can check out Kindle Unlimited on all smartphones, tablets, web browsers, and even Fire TV streaming devices and Echo smart home devices too.

There’s a little bit of everything here from magazine subscriptions to titles like Women’s Health, Stuff, and Good Housekeeping, to plenty of novels from different genres and authors too. Whether you love crime fiction or prefer romance or fantasy, there’s something here for you. The focus is often on self-published, indie authors so you can find some great gems here.

Right now, Kindle Unlimited is available entirely for free for the first two months. All you need is to be an existing Prime member or sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial, and hit the Join Kindle Unlimited button. For anyone that loves to read or discover new things, it’s an utter bargain that saves you $20. Simply hit the unsubscribe button on Amazon before the two months are up to avoid paying a penny.

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