This 34-inch ultrawide QHD gaming monitor is $350 today

One of the best monitor deals at the moment is on the 34-inch HP X34 UWQHD Gaming Monitor. Nrmally priced at $460, you can buy it for $350 for a limited time only. A saving of $110 soon adds up for a gaming monitor that’s sure to help you enjoy your downtime more than before, or enable you to see more of what you’re working on. Unlikely to stick around for long at this price, here’s a quick overview of what to expect from the monitor.

Why you should buy the 34-inch HP X34 UWQHD Gaming Monitor

HP may not feature in our look at the best gaming monitors but it’s still a brand worth considering. In the case of the HP X34 UWQHD, it has plenty of features to make it stand out. That includes an exceptional resolution of 3440 x 1440 so you can game at 1440p standards if the rest of your hardware is up to scratch. It also has a fantastic refresh rate of 165Hz so motion blur will be a thing of the past here, even if you’re playing fast-paced titles. Contrast ratio of 1000:1 and 400 nits of brightness is also great to see.

Further helping it are ultra-wide viewing angles with HDR 400 making everything look gorgeous. AMD FreeSync Premium support helps it pair up well with your existing hardware, plus there’s a great response time of 1ms so you won’t have to worry about input lag slowing you down. On a more practical day-to-day level, much like the best monitors, the HP X34 also utilizes HP Eye Ease with Eyesafe certification, so it keeps blue light down so your eyes don’t suffer from eyestrain so regularly, all while keeping color accuracy appropriately high.

A high-end gaming monitor in every way, the HP X34 will be a great way to get the most from the latest games, especially if you pair it up with one of the best gaming desktops. Connections-wise, you can hook it up via the one HDMI 2.0 port or a DisplayPort 1.4 port.

Normally priced at $460, the 34-inch HP X34 UWQHD Gaming Monitor is down to $350 for a limited time only when you buy direct from HP. A saving of $110 makes this a pretty sweet time to buy with the 34-inch monitor sure to prove immensely useful.

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