This HP 28-inch 4K monitor is $100 off in the Presidents Day sales

HP brings a 4K panel to its HP U32 monitor.

Upgrading your computer setup doesn’t end after taking advantage of desktop computer deals, as you’ll also need to purchase a monitor that will give justice to the new machine’s capabilities. The 28-inch HP U28 4K Monitor is a great option, especially with HP’s $100 discount as part of its Presidents Day sales that pulls its price down to a more affordable $350 from its sticker price of $450.

Why you should buy the 28-inch HP U28 4K Monitor

Whether you’ll be mostly be working on creative projects, building reports, watching streaming content, or all of the above, you’ll get the best quality with the 28-inch HP U28 4K Monitor. It features a 28-inch display, which falls within the recommended sizes by our computer monitor buying guide, with 4K Ultra HD resolution and support for High Dynamic Range so that you can clearly see even the smallest of details of whatever’s on the screen. With factory color calibration, you’ll enjoy accurate and vivid colors when dealing with web graphics, print, or photography.

If you’ll need several hours to finish certain tasks, you’ll stay comfortable with the 28-inch HP U28 4K Monitor because you can position it at the perfect viewing angle through its adjustable height and swivel capabilities. It also features a low blue light mode, which will reduce the harmful blue light that reaches your eyes to prevent discomfort after a long time of looking at the screen. You’ll only need a single USB-C cable to connect the monitor to multiple devices, which would be of great help in reducing the clutter on your desk in combination with the minimal space that its stand will occupy.

Here’s one of the top monitor deals for this year’s Presidents Day — the 28-inch HP U28 4K Monitor for $350, following a $100 discount from HP on its original price of $450. We’re not sure if the offer will last through the holiday, so instead of delaying your purchase, it’s highly recommended that you buy it right now. If you want to pair your desktop computer with a decent monitor, don’t miss this chance to get the HP U28 4K Monitor for cheaper than usual.

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