Samsung really wants you to buy this washer and dryer bundle today

Home appliance shoppers who waited for Presidents Day sales 2023 will find excellent deals for appliances of all types. Post-pandemic refreshed inventories and lower demand for new appliances because fewer people are moving due to a slower real estate market have pressured appliance prices lower overall. Now, during this first significant sale of 2023, the washer and dryer deals, in particular, are the best we’ve seen since 2019. Samsung’s top load washer and dryer set with vibration reduction technology and sensor dry is an excellent buy at just $1,158 today, a $540 discount from the $1,698 list price. Don’t delay if you want to order or pick up this matched washer and dryer bundle for your home.

Why you should buy this Samsung washer and dryer

Buying a new washer and dryer simultaneously makes sense economically, functionally, and aesthetically. This Samsung top-load washer and dryer bundle saves money on both appliances, plus your budget will benefit from lower energy costs from energy efficiency. This washer and dryer set works with Samsung’s Smart Care smartphone app to diagnose and recommend solutions if you have any issues with either or both appliances. Aesthetics may not have a line in your home budget, but it’s also nice to have a matched set. Whether your washer and dryer are visible in your kitchen or other common areas or tucked away in an unfinished basement corner where only you see them, matched appliances always look better than an unmatched set.

The top-load Samsung washer has a 4.5 cubic-foot capacity, so you can easily wash larger loads without wondering if you’ve put in too much for everything to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. For example, suppose you’ve ever had a washer that walks around its area banging loudly and disturbing everyone in your household. In that case, you’ll appreciate Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology, which cuts noise and minimizes vibrations that can quickly escalate. Samsung’s Self Clean feature may seem unnecessary, but it turns out that washers clean clothes, not the washer tub, where dirt and bacteria can build up. So yuck to that. This Samsung washer alerts you after every 20 wash cycles that it’s time to run a self-cleaning cycle. In addition, you’ll appreciate the Samsung washer’s extra high water level setting for mud-caked sportswear or other items that need extra soaking. Finally, the washer has a soft-close lid, so your family and pets won’t jump when you drop the top.

Samsung’s 7.2 cubic-foot electric dryer with Sensor Dry is an excellent match for the top-load washer. You can mount the dryer’s front-load door to open from either side, allowing you to place the dryer to the left or right of the washer. Samsung’s advanced Sensor Dry feature adjusts the drying time and temperature based on your laundry’s moisture content, saving energy and protecting your clothing from high heating temperatures. You can select the appropriate setting from Samsung’s eight preset drying cycle choices to match the size and type of the load.

Good deals on appliances are finally back. Samsung’s top load washer with Vibration Reduction Technology and dryer with Sensor Dry bundle is an excellent ways to save money when you update your laundry room. Buy the Samsung washer and dryer today to save $540 when you skip the regular $1,698 price and pay just $1,158. Free shipping and returns are included. Just don’t delay while this excellent deal is still available.

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