How to get and upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the most iconic elements of the Harry Potter universe is the flying broomstick. These flying cleaning tools were an obvious fit for an open-world game like Hogwarts Legacy, and sure enough, they are one of your primary methods of traversing the wide wizarding world, at least until you unlock all the fast travel points. If you’re itching to get your very own broom and upgrade it to be as fast as possible, we’ve swept up all the details.

Checking out a broom design.

How to get your broom

Even though your student isn’t a first-year student, you won’t have access to a broom right away. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long or go out of your way to get one.

Step 1: Proceed through the main story missions until you reach “Flying Class.”

Step 2: Attend Professor Kogawa’s class and complete the missions.

Step 3: Go to Sprintwitches in Hogsmeade to purchase your first broom for 600 Galleons.

Step 4: This is also one of the vendors who will sell other broom designs, but you can also get them from bursting balloons flying around the world.

A letter saying broom upgrades are ready.

How to upgrade your broom

As fast as flying around is, it can always be faster. Your broom can get three levels of upgrades to increase its acceleration and top speed.

Step 1: Continue playing until Weekes, the owner of Sprintwitches, gives you the “Sweeping the Competition” quest, which is a time trial.

Step 2: This will unlock your first broom upgrade for 1,000 Galleons.

Step 3: This will unlock the second trial, which unlocks the next upgrade for 4,000 Galleons. The third upgrade is 7,500 Galleons.

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