Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream: Watch the game for FREE

The English Premier League continues this weekend meaning it’s a great time for soccer fans to catch up on how best to watch their favorite sport. Aston Villa vs Arsenal is the first game of the day with Arsenal likely to gain a win here despite playing away from home. If you’re looking for an Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream, we’ve got all the best solutions for how to watch the English Premier League online. Even better, we also have a great way to watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream for free, so you won’t even have to pay a cent. Keep reading while we lay out all your options to watch Aston Villa vs Arsenal online.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream on Sling TV

Sling TV streaming app.

Sling is a great option for anyone who wants to cut the cord and stick with viewing through an online subscription. Crucially, it has USA Network as well as NBC as part of its Sling Blue package. Both stations have the entire English Premier League between them with the USA Network showing the Aston Villa vs Arsenal game, so you’re in good hands here. For the first month, Sling costs just $20 before rising to $40 a month, so it’s an affordable way to catch up with the best soccer in the world. For the price, you get access to 41 channels including Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, and many news stations too. There’s 50 hours of DVR storage included if you can’t watch the game live.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream on FuboTV

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FuboTV is one of the best live TV streaming services around for sports fans. It includes access to at least 145 channels depending on the plan you sign up for including an extensive array of sports channels. Fox Sports 1 and 2 are available here alongside the MLB Network, NFL Network, NHL Network and a heap more. You won’t run out of sporting options here but if you do, there’s also access to many news stations, Paramount, Bravo, Disney Channel and many others. FuboTV costs from $75 per month, however, there’s also a FuboTV free trial. Sign up for it today and you get seven days of access without paying anything so it’s a great way to see this weekend’s matches for free.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream on Peacock TV

Peacock TV home screen.
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Peacock TV is the home of around half of the Premier League games live. The Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream isn’t one of those but you can watch it on-demand after it airs which could be useful if you’re not awake yet or you’re busy doing something else. You’ll need a Peacock Premium subscription. You can either pay $5 per month for the ad-supported tier or $10 per month for the ad-free deal. The best shows on Peacock may not be as numerous as the competition but you can enjoy Bel-Air, Poker Face, Saturday Night Live, and many other big hits.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream on Hulu with Live TV

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Hulu with Live TV is a huge live TV streaming service and through it, you get access to NBC and USA Network so it’s a good choice for watching the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream. The service costs $70 per month bundling in over 90 channels as well as Disney+ and ESPN+ so sports fans and the rest of the household are going to love the varied options. The best shows on Hulu are interesting too with the likes of How I Met Your Father, Letterkenny, and Welcome to Chippendales all offering something for every taste. It’s an excellent option for cord-cutters with a keen eye on extensive sports coverage as well as entertainment.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream on YouTube with Live TV

YouTube TV displayed on a TV.

YouTube TV may not be the first service you think of for streaming but it offers access to NBC, CNBC, and USA Network so it’s perfect for catching up with Aston Villa vs Arsenal and the rest of the Premier League. It costs $65 per month and gives you access to dozens of channels including Fox Sports 1 and 2, ESPN, Comedy Central, CNN, Disney Channel, and many more. You also get unlimited DVR space and exclusive sports features like a Stats View.

Watch the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream from abroad with a VPN

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If you’re traveling while trying to keep up with the Premier League and Aston Villa vs Arsenal in particular, you may find yourself running into an issue. All streaming services adjust according to the location you’re currently at meaning different content. Some won’t even work at all. There’s no need to miss out though as you can simply use a VPN while traveling. One of the best VPNs is NordVPN and it works particularly well with FuboTV. If you travel often, sign up to NordVPN and you can always choose a U.S based location so you can still catch up on sport including the Aston Villa vs Arsenal live stream. It’s easy to use and there are frequently some great NordVPN deals making it quite inexpensive. There’s even a form of NordVPN free trial if this is just a temporary issue for you, but we’d recommend sticking with it as it makes your browsing so much safer.

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