Best Google Home and Google Nest deals for January 2023

Google’s smart products are notably referred to as Nest, and contain a bevy of options from smart speakers and WiFi doorbells to mesh router systems. You may be on the lookout for Google Home and Google Nest deals for your smart home. Adding new devices so you can talk a digital assistant and control everything with your voice is not just fun, but also it makes life so much easier. You can say “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” to use voice commands with a Google Assistant-compatible smart device. With a Google Assistant-compatible smart speaker, you can play music, ask questions, make voice or video calls, or control smart home devices throughout your home. The digital voice assistant stands ready to answer a question or fulfill your request. We’ve spent some time searching all over for the best Google Home and Google Nest Mini deals. Keep reading to see our top picks, stay up to date on what’s available, and to find out where to get the best prices.

Best Google Home deals and Google Nest deals

Google Audio Bluetooth speaker with keychain LED — $59

Google Audio speaker with LED keychain bundle

This bundle includes the Google Audio Bluetooth speaker, which can handle wireless streaming, and delivers rich, booming sound via a 30-watt woofer. It works with Hey Google, Google’s voice assistant too. But you’ll also get a portable LED keychain for use around the home, although the color of the keychain may vary.

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen — $60, was $100

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen on table.
John Velasco / Digital Trends

The Google Nest Hub is, simply put, meant to be a connected home hub for all of your devices. Turn up your thermostat with a tap, ask Google’s assistant for some help, or interact with video doorbells and other smart home gear. It also functions as a regular screen, with a variety of helpful options, like a mode that plays soothing sounds to help you sleep, and a timer that can help you with cooking or meal prep. It works great in any room in the home from the kitchen to the bedroom. In John Velasco’s Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) review, he says “don’t hit the snooze button” on it, and he’d probably say the same about this deal.

Google Nest WiFi Router (2nd Gen) 2-pack Amazon Renewed — $115, was $137

The Google Nest Wifi router on a table.

This dual-pack of WiFi mesh routers helps extend signal and coverage throughout your home. The idea is that you get better coverage in areas where there would otherwise be dead spots — mesh technology was originally developed for use by the military. This is Google’s take on the technology, in an Amazon refurbished condition with “Excellent” ratings. That means there’s no cosmetic damage visible up to 12 inches away, and the entire system has been tested and is working properly. It includes one router and one access point, which is basically an extender.

Google Nest doorbell — $129, was $149

A person rings a Google Nest Doorbell.

With a smart video doorbell, like the Nest Doorbell, you can check in on your home anytime, even when you’re not there. You can also speak to who’s at your door if there’s a visitor, or even provide instructions to package delivery folk. Alerts will tell you when movement is detected or when someone rings the bell. You can also view live HD video or playback recordings from the Google Home app.

Google Nest learning thermostat 3rd Gen — $199, was $249

Google Nest Thermostat - 3rd Generation on a wall.

Google’s Nest learning thermostat understands your habits when it comes to climate control and adjusts accordingly. It learns from your programming and settings changes. It also offers remote access and controls, energy-usage history and tracking, and home or away assistance — which will adjust temperatures even if you’re away.

A beginner’s guide to Google Home and Google Nest

Choosing among the several Google Home smart speakers and the Google Nest Mini is a reasonably simple process. Thinking of the features you need in advance will help you avoid disappointment.

Here are the fundamental differences between the Google Home smart speakers and the Google Nest Mini.

The least expensive choice is the Google Home Mini. This small device plays OK music for background listening and does an excellent job of picking out your voice commands amid all the other noises in the average home.

The second-generation small format device, the Google Nest Mini, has twice the sound power and slightly better ability to hear commands. For $10 more than the Google Home Mini, you may choose to buy the newer device.

If you want better music quality than either Mini can provide, the next step up is the original Google Home smart speaker. Audiophiles might not say much about the sound improvement, but the Google Home can fill a room with music. If you want a big sound, the Google Home Max is your best choice. The Home Max costs six to eight times as much as a Google Mini, but if you’re looking for a smart speaker that can respond to your commands and produce party-size music, consider the Google Home Max.

There is a good chance you will buy additional smart speakers in time as you get used to the convenience of information, sound, and home control at the tip of your tongue. If you start with one of the less expensive models, you can always up-level with your next purchase.

What’s the difference between Google Home and Google Nest?

There are three Google Home devices: The original Google Home smart speaker, the Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. The Google Nest Mini is a second-generation version of the original Google Home Mini.

The Google Nest Mini has better overall sound production with more bass than the first-generation Google Home Mini and adds a third microphone for better far-field voice recognition. The Nest Mini adds a screw-mounting slot on the back of the device, and the fabric cover on the top of the Next Mini is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Do Google Home and Google Nest have Bluetooth?

Google Home and Google Nest Mini do have Bluetooth to connect to speakers, headsets, and other Bluetooth devices.

Do Google Home and Google Nest work with Ring?

Google Home devices and the Google Nest Mini can work with Ring devices. First, link your Ring devices to your Google account, and then you can manage your Ring Video Doorbell and other Ring devices with Google Assistant. With Google Assistant compatibility, you can take advantage of Ring Video Doorbell Deals.

Do Google Home and Google Nest work with Alexa?

Google Home devices and the Google Nest Mini do not work with Amazon Alexa.

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