This 2TB SSD with heatsink for PS5 has a $140 discount today

The WD Black SN850 internal SSD being installed in a PlayStation 5.

After taking advantage of PlayStation deals to purchase the PlayStation 5, as well as games and accessories, you’ll have to think about expanding the console’s storage as your next investment. Fortunately, one of the top options, Western Digital’s WD Black SN850 internal SSD, is currently available with a discount from Best Buy. The retailer has slashed the price of the 2TB model by $140, making it more affordable at $220 from $360 originally. You need to move fast though — with the popularity of the PlayStation 5, we’re sure that this offer will draw a lot of interest.

Why you should buy the WD Black SN850 internal SSD

There’s an option to use an external hard drive to increase the storage space of the PlayStation 5, but you’ll only be able to install backward-compatible PlayStation 4 games on it because PlayStation 5 games need to be in the console’s internal storage. This is why gamers should prefer an internal SSD like Western Digital’s WD Black SN850, which is in our list of the best SSDs for PS5. It offers exceptional performance with read speeds of up to 7,000 Mbps and write speeds of up to 5,300 Mbps, exceeding the minimum requirements of the PS5 and preventing issues such as stuttering. The SSD also comes with a built-in heatsink that will keep it cool even after hours of playing.

Installing the WD Black SN850 in the PlayStation 5 is easy — you just need to remove the console’s faceplates and slide it into the dedicated M.2 expansion slot. Since the SSD is officially licensed for the PlayStation 5, you won’t experience any compatibility issues. As soon as it’s recognized, you can start installing the best PS5 games into the additional 2TB of storage space without any worries.

If you need to expand the storage of your PlayStation 5, there’s arguably no better option in the market right now than Western Digital’s WD Black SN850 internal SSD. The 2TB model is currently available from Best Buy for just $220, after a $140 discount on its original price of $360. With most PlayStation 5 owners seeking extra space in their console, we’re not sure how long stocks of the WD Black SN850 internal SSD will last — it’s highly recommended that you grab this offer while you still can.

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