Interested in the Samsung Galaxy S23? Make sure you do this NOW

An image of the Galaxy S23 Ultra which looks nearly identical to the S22 Ultra.

We all know the Samsung Galaxy S23 range of phones are coming. While Samsung hasn’t issued an official announcement just yet, we know new Galaxy phones are coming. Official invites for its latest Galaxy Unpacked event have been issued for February and we know that new devices will be announced there. Right now, if you register your interest in the next Galaxy smartphone (it’s definitely the S23) at Samsung by entering your email address, you can get up to $100 Samsung credit to spend however you want, once you pre-order a new device.

Register your interest in the Samsung Galaxy S23

Look, we know that the Samsung Galaxy S23 is weeks away from happening. Samsung might be trying to be shy about it but it’s definitely coming. If you register your interest in the new range by entering your email address and details with Samsung, you can get at least $50 of Samsung credit by doing so. It all depends on how much you wish to pre-order. Sign up to reserve a Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Book laptop and you get $50 of credit. Sign up to reserve both, or two Galaxy S23s, and you get $100 credit instead.

The Samsung credit can be used on a wide range of products on the Samsung site. Samsung sells a ton of different tempting gadgets and accessories. That means you could spend it on a case for your current phone. You could also put it towards the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 — the watch we described as the peak of Android smartwatches. If you’re keen on snagging some new earbuds, you could alternatively snap up the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

Thinking even bigger? It’s also possible to use your credit for something bigger like one of the best TVs made by Samsung. $100 adds up fast so you really have plenty of options here.

All you need to do is enter your name and email to reserve a pre-order and get your credit. The best part? This is a “no-commitment offer” so there’s no actual obligation to buy the device once it’s out. Instead, you reap all the benefits of the $50 or $100 credit by simply handing over some basic details.

The promotion is live now and is available until February 1, aka the day of Samsung Unpacked. If you’re keen to save big while also seeing what new Samsung devices are coming, this is a great way to enjoy a hefty discount on all things Samsung for a mere moment or two of your time.

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