Best place to buy a TV: Get the most bang for your buck

If you’re looking to buy one of the best TVs around, there’s a lot to consider. We’re not just talking about figuring out which of the best TV brands is the one for you either. Instead, you need to consider which retailer to buy from too. Different retailers offer different services that could be useful for you. Some may prioritize offering the lowest prices but others may toss in installation options if you’d prefer someone else does the hard work for you, while another may provide a generous warranty or returns window. You might not need all these services but it’s still useful to know what’s out there. To help you in the buying process, we’ve evaluated each of the biggest retailers so you know exactly where to home in on.

Best Buy

Line outside of Best Buy for RTX restock.

Best Buy is one of the biggest and most popular retailers around for buying a new TV. It offers a vast range of options, encompassing every budget possible and pretty much every TV brand you can think of too. Whether you’re looking for a high-end OLED TV for your home cinema or a cheap smart TV for your bedroom, Best Buy probably has it. Best Buy also offers useful extras. It’s possible to pick up many of its TVs today from your local store rather than wait for delivery. It also offers professional installation services for many TVs, depending on where you live. A fee is involved with that service but if you’re keen to avoid effort, it could be worth it. Extra warranty protection via Geek Squad protection is also available for a set fee that can be broken down to a monthly cost. Extras such as free streaming subscriptions or an Amazon Echo Dot have also been included with many TVs at Best Buy in recent times.


Samsung logo
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When buying a TV, why not go direct? That may be what you’re thinking of when buying a Samsung TV. Predictably, the site has every Samsung model you could think of. There are frequent discounts too so you can save well by buying direct. Samsung financing can also spread you the cost if you prefer to do so. Uniquely, it’s also possible to trade in Samsung smartphones towards the cost of the TV which could be useful if you have a spare phone lying around. Some in-store pickup options are available depending on where you live while next-day delivery is possible for many TVs. For an extra fee, you can extend the warranty but there’s no option for professional installation.


Walmart logo.

Another one of the big hitters when it comes to TV sales, Walmart is a popular option for good reason. Like Best Buy, it offers an extensive range of TVs from the cheapest options to high-end OLED and QLED solutions. Frequently discounting them, it’s an ideal place to shop if you’re looking to save big. Shipping is free and speedy with two-day delivery possible, as well as the choice to pick up in-store in some cases. There’s also a free 30-day returns policy if you change your mind. For an additional fee, you can add on product protection for up to five years. There’s also the option to pay for someone to wall-mount your TV. Keep an eye on Walmart around sales events to enjoy the deepest discounts.


Amazon Warehouse

Predictably, Amazon offers a lot of TVs. Many of these are discounted throughout the year with the deepest discounts coming from any TV that has Amazon Fire TV built-in. You’ll rarely get any free gifts bundled in but it makes Amazon a fairly straightforward option to pursue as you won’t have to weigh up discounts against freebies. Delivery is often within under a week with Amazon Prime members (or those willing to pay) able to enjoy two-day delivery in many cases. It’s also possible to pay extra for someone to wall mount your TV for you, plus there’s extra warranty protection for a cost too. Amazon benefits from having many retailers available on the site via its marketplace so you can look out for offers from many different retailers at once.


Target store in dusk light.

Target offers a lot of TVs although its prices aren’t always as competitive as the likes of Walmart and Best Buy. However, its biggest strength is that many TVs can be picked up from your local Target store within two hours of you ordering it. If you’re in a rush, this can be a huge advantage. You can even check local stock levels so you know what to expect. Delivery is also available on many TVs (with some only available for delivery and vice versa) with two-day shipping frequently available. Same-day delivery is an option with select TVs too if you can’t get in-store yourself. For such a large item as a TV, this can be a real advantage. However you buy, it’s possible to add on extra warranty protection for a price. Professional TV mounting can also be purchased and is frequently a little cheaper than the competition. A 90-day returns policy also sweetens the deal compared to the standard 30 days elsewhere.

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