Best blue light glasses: 10 frames for every personal style & preference

Blue light emissions from all our favorite devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets, aren’t great for your eyes. Such light can cause trouble sleeping and even cause headaches. That’s why it’s possible to use a blue light filter on your phone as well as use separate ones on your PC or Mac. That’s not exactly convenient though which is why a pair of blue light glasses can make all the difference. By snapping up a pair, you can enjoy more comfortable viewing and they don’t even have to cost a lot. Here’s a look at the best blue light glasses and why they’re necessary.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses look just like regular spectacles. However, they contain lenses that are specifically designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eye. By filtering blue light rays out, they can prevent them from potentially causing damage to your eye, whether that’s simple eye strain or something more debilitating like headaches or migraines.

For many people, such lenses and glasses are a useful extra if they regularly use computers and other types of screens. For some people though, migraines are a huge issue so they enable the person to be able to still use digital screens at all. It’s safe to say if you use computers or phones for prolonged periods of time (and who doesn’t these days?), some form of blue light protection is essential for keeping your eyes in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, there are many different frames out there encompassing a wide variety of styles and budgets, so there’s sure to be something that will look stylish and fit your face well, all while keeping your eyes healthy.

Best blue light glasses

  • Center Stage —
  • Clark —
  • Mason Eyeglasses —
  • Leonardo Eyeglasses —
  • Lane —
  • Nova Blue Light —
  • Equinox Blue Light —
  • Lola —
  • Esme —
  • Duncan —

Center Stage — $29

Center Stage frames being worn by a woman with long black hair.

These oversized frames have been featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things so you know you’re picking out a stylish pair of blue light glasses here. They offer a beautiful soft square shape that truly makes a statement, all while keeping your eyes that bit safer than before. Helping you further are spring hinges which provide additional comfort so these frames will always be secure while feeling good for your eyes.

Clark — $29

Clark frames worn by a woman with short blonde hair.

A popular unisex style, the Clark frames are perfect for anyone that wants understated elegance from their eyewear. A contemporary twist on a classic and traditional glasses shape, they’re embellished with silver pins on either side to make sure they look more eye-catching than you might expect. These are the kind of style that will look good on any face as well as match any clothing you might be wearing.

Mason Eyeglasses — $39

Mason frames placed on a white background.

Timelessly stylish for men, the Mason Eyeglasses offer a strong rectangular shape that provides a masculine look that suits nearly all facial features. The lines of the frame are clean and straightforward with a plastic construction that provides high tensile strength. Comfortable to wear, spring hinges and soft curving rests ensure you can wear these for extended periods of time without a problem.

Leonardo Eyeglasses — $39

Leonardo frames on a white background.

Ideal for either men or women, the Leonardo Eyeglasses have a unique lens shape that blends a rectangle with the sloping edges of an oval. As the picture shows, the results are great. They’re made from featherweight high-tech metal so they sit well on your face without feeling too heavy. Adjustable nose pads help you enjoy a great custom fit while there are excellent spring hinges to keep them in the right position at all times. A brown and gunmetal finish looks great too.

Lane — $47.50, was $95

Lane frames on a white background.

Suiting almost every face, the Lane frames look great being oval in design and not too overwhelming for your facial features. They’re particularly well suited for small faces thanks to their design. Despite that though, you can still add a dose of personality to the results thanks to a range of different colors and patterns. It’s all down to you how you want these crowd-pleasing glasses to look.

Nova Blue Light — $66

Nova Blue Light frames on a white background.

Big and bold, the Nova Blue Light frames are the ideal choice for anyone that wants to make a statement with their choice of eyewear. Oversized and with a playful style, they’re a medium-fit frame with plenty of room for large round lenses. Best suited for angular faces, they’re truly going to stand out for anyone who’s keen to show off. The frames are fitted with lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate so there’s no issue here with robustness.

Equinox Blue Light — $66

Equinox Blue Light on a white background.

The Equinox Blue Light frames are both colorful yet understated. How does that work? They have colorful edges in eye-catching areas but for the most part, they’re clear. These are a larger frame so they’re best suited for wider heads but the curved square lenses suit both round and square faces which expands upon who these work for. They’re a little different from the rest and we love how stylish they become.

Lola — $71, was $95

Lola frames on a white background.

Lola frames are super elegant looking. A medium-sized frame, whatever color you choose, they look stylish and classic in their design. An oval shape captures all the key parts of your face with some classy-looking color options available. Thanks to the cute design, they’ll suit any style and whatever you happen to be wearing, making these a flexible choice for most people.

Esme — $95

A man wearing Esme frames.

Designed with an average, medium-sized face in mind, the Esme frames are pretty elegant. An oval shape with a hint of a rectangle, they’re available in a variety of different colors to suit your style. Something like the Crystal color is ideal for those that mix and match their look frequently. Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, these are high-end frames with the lenses also made from polycarbonate to ensure maximum protection.

Duncan — $145

A man wearing Duncan frames.

Available in two different colors as well as a choice of medium and wide, the Duncan frames are perfect for anyone whose face suits round, circular frames. Made from stainless steel, these are classy-looking frames in every way. Slender metal temples, acetate-coiled lenses, and silicone nose pads ensure you have a high-end experience here. If you’re looking to invest in some great frames, these are an excellent choice.

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