Portable wind turbines, solar tent, rolling battery round out Jackery’s CES 2023 launches

Jackery is one of the most popular manufacturers of portable energy solutions, offering products that are stylish, environmentally friendly, and can easily be incorporated into most outdoor lifestyles. The company doubled down on these features during CES 2023, revealing several products that walked away with a total of four Innovation Awards.

The most intriguing Jackery product on display at CES 2023 was the LightTent-AIR, which is an inflatable tent that comes with a built-in power supply. Flexible solar panels on its canopy can pump out 1,200W of power, which is then sent to built-in storage modules to provide you with a source of energy at night — letting you charge your gear while sleeping so it’s ready for your next adventure.

All the Jackery products shown off at CES 2023 on a stylized background.

Toss in a sleek design and materials that are both waterproof and flame-retardant, and it’s easy to see why the LightTent-AIR managed to snag a Best of Innovation Award.

The Air-W and LightCycle-S1 also made an appearance at CES 2023. The former is a portable, mini wind turbine that can generate up to 200W of power. With a small profile and easy-to-assemble design, it makes a great travel companion whether you’re camping out in the plains or perched up on a snowy summit.

The Jackery Air-W on the beach.

The latter, meanwhile, is a massive battery in the shape of a wheel that stores 3,500Wh of electricity and offers 3,500W of power. It can be lugged around on foot or towed by a vehicle, generating electricity as it travels (with a 200km journey providing a full charge).

Rounding out Jackery’s CES 2023 showing were the SG Explorer 2000 Pro battery, the Solar Generator 3000 Pro, and the Solar Generator 1500 Pro. These serve a wide range of portable energy needs, allowing everyone from weekend warriors to vanlifers a way to power their gear while off the grid.

Expect to learn more about the above products throughout 2023.

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