CES 2023: Nvidia GeForce Now is coming to internet-enabled cars

Nvidia GeForce Now is coming to an unexpected new platform: cars. The cloud streaming service will start rolling out in select internet-enabled vehicles, with three partners announced during Nvidia’s CES 2023 showcase.

NVIDIA Special Address at CES 2023

GeForce Now is a popular gaming subscription service that allows players to stream games from the cloud. Nvidia expanded the service’s functionality and reach over the past few years, even bringing it to Samsung smart TVs as a native app. The service’s latest expansion will take the service to the open road.

A video accompanying the announcement shows a driver loading up the GeForce Now app via a screen in a car, clicking on Rocket League, and playing it with a connected gamepad.  Nvidia notes that no special equipment is required to get the service running in a vehicle.

Rumbleverse streams via the cloud in the back of a car.

Three partners will add GeForce Now to their vehicles to start: BYD, Hyundai Motor Group, and Polestar. All three companies are currently working on integrating the service, with no other partners named.

The move is part of Nvidia’s vision of the future which it predicts will see car interiors turning into “mobile living spaces.” The company is careful to note how it expects drivers to play in the car though, noting that it sees games being played while an electric car charges or while waiting to pick up a family member. The video also shows kids playing Rocket League on backseat screens during a drive, which is perhaps the more practical use case.

Nvidia isn’t the only company looking to bring games to cars. Tesla recently gave drivers the ability to play Steam games inside of their vehicles.

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