Hurry! This Xbox Series S deal at Walmart is unbelievable

Xbox Series S placed on a white table with the controller just in front of it

If you’ve been struggling to grab a new console, Walmart is here to give you a break. Not only is the Xbox Series S in stock and available, it’s actually on sale. Right now you can grab the new Xbox Series S for only $240 at Walmart, an incredible $59 off the usual price of $299. If you buy it now, it will even arrive before Christmas. Grab it before it sells out!

The Xbox Series S is the smaller brother of the two console editions. The bigger brother, the Series X, has a more powerful processor, a bigger storage drive, and in general runs faster than the Series S. But that doesn’t mean the Series S isn’t worth it. You can still play all the same games with both consoles. On the Series S you can play 4K games at a frame rate up to 140 FPS. It’s still a powerful console that’s miles ahead of its predecessor, the Xbox One. If you’re not sure which console you want to grab, consider comparing the Xbox Series S vs. Series X. Unfortunately, the Series X might be hard to find before the holidays.

Quick note: This is the “Holiday Edition” of the console, which literally just means it comes in a box with snowflakes and presents on it. You still get the same snow-white console and controller that come in the regular package, but cheaper. This is a great time to pair it with some great video game deals, some of which are on the best Xbox exclusives of the year. If you only want to stick the console under the tree and don’t have the budget to pair it with some games, don’t worry. There are some fantastic free Xbox games out there, especially if you grab a Game Pass subscription.

If you’re shopping for Xbox deals before the holidays, this is your jackpot. You can grab the Xbox Series S for only $240 today as part of this Walmart deal. If you buy now you can still get it before December 24, and you’ll save $59. Don’t wait too long!

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