Asus could launch a massive new ROG laptop at CES 2023

Asus is planning to launch a brand-new 18-inch laptop at CES 2023. That’s according to a leak from the Lonely City Hardware account on Weibo, which rather appropriately dubbed the forthcoming laptop “Big Guy.”

The Weibo post adds some apparent context to a cryptic tweet posted by Asus a few days ago. On Friday, the official ROG Twitter account teased that “Something *BIG* is coming,” followed by the date January 3, 10 AM PST.

That statement makes a little more sense if Asus is indeed going to launch an 18-inch laptop at CES, since the company doesn’t make any gaming laptops larger than 17-inches at the moment. It could also hint at “big” performance, although details are extremely thin on the ground at the moment.

The tweet’s timing lines up with the “Maxed Out” show Asus is set to host at CES, and the company included a link to its Maxed Out landing page in its recent tweet. The page’s meta description explains the show will introduce new “gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, routers, peripherals, and other exciting products.”

Asus’s tweet also included a video teasing the laptop. Although it doesn’t give much away, we can make out a few details. There’s a laptop (complete with RGB lighting) with a large, thin-bezeled display playing a variety of videos in the center of a darkened room. The clip ends with the letter N on the laptop’s screen, before cutting to the words “For those who dare,” “Maxed out,” and “CES 2023 ROG launch event, January 3, 10 AM PST.”

A new ROG laptop teased by Asus for its CES 2023 show. The laptop supposedly has an 18-inch display.

Aside from that final smattering of details, the video is about as devoid of solid info as can be. Clearly the company wants us to tune in on January 3, where all will apparently be revealed.

If Lonely City Hardware’s information is correct, the ROG device could be a move to compete with Alienware and Razer, both of which are planning to launch 18-inch laptops in the coming months. Right now, the offerings for both companies top out at 17-inches, much like the Asus ROG range.

However, Asus could have its work cut out, as Alienware and Razer make some of the best gaming laptops anywhere on the market. Then again, we know 600Hz laptop displays are on the way – could the ROG “Big Boy” pack one of those into its 18-inch frame? We’ll have to wait and see.

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