You won’t believe how cheap this ultrawide monitor deal is at Walmart

An ultrawide curved monitor showing a rainbow image.

Working, gaming, or general browsing would all be so much easier if you had an ultrawide monitor — even more so if the monitor was also curved. Unfortunately, they’re usually quite expensive. Luckily, Walmart has blessed us with a fantastic deal on a great ultrawide curved monitor. Right now you can grab this Samsung S65UA Ultra WQHD curved monitor for only $480. That’s an incredible $270 off the sticker price of $750. If you’ve ever considered upgrading your rig, this is your chance. Desktop monitor deals like this don’t show up every day.

The benefits to this Samsung monitor are two-fold: it’s ultrawide and it’s curved. Ultrawide makes a huge difference, especially if you’re a fan of multitasking. The entire screen measures close to 32 inches from left to right, giving you tons of space for multiple windows. Rather than chaining several monitors together and dealing with the gaps in between them, you can have one seamless screen for all your tasks. This monitor runs at 3440 x 1440 resolution and has a 21:9 aspect ration. It supports HDR10 and has a contrast ratio of 4000:1, so you’ll get nice rich colors and deep blacks. If you’re looking for a display to play games on, you might consider checking out some gaming monitor deals instead. This Samsung has a 5ms response time, which is a bit slower than you might need for gaming — although it does have a max refresh rate of 100Hz.

This monitor has a 1000R curve to it, which is designed to perfectly match the human visual field. You can quickly glance at the entire screen without having to refocus your eyes. You also don’t get the distortion at the edges that would normally come from viewing a flat screen at an angle. After all, we swivel our heads, we don’t slide them side to side. If you spend a significant amount of time every day on the computer, your eyes and neck will thank you for upgrading to a curved setup.

Right now this Samsung S65UA WQHD curved monitor is only $480 at Walmart. That’s a massive $270 discount on a gorgeous display. If you’ve been holding off on upgrading your setup, this is your excuse to go for it. Hurry before the sale ends or the product sells out.

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