Harvestella romance guide: how to unlock, eligible partners, and more

When you’re not busy questing or farming, Harvestella gives you the option to cultivate personal relationships with your fellow townsfolk. Its romance system might not be as nuanced as its combat or story, but there are still a few restrictions you’ll need to be aware of.

Here’s a look at how romance works in Harvestella, along with eligible romance options and how to unlock the unique feature.

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How does romance work in Harvestella?

A menu in Harvestella describing a Character Story.

Romance is simple in Harvestella. Instead of standard marriage, romance culminates in a “partnership” event that allows an NPC to live with you on your farm. In order to trigger the partnership event, you’ll need to increase your intimacy with your love interest. This is done by completing the corresponding Character Story (marked on your map by a blue indicator) and fulfilling requests from your party members.

Maxing out your intimacy with another character is the first big requirement towards partnership — you’ll also need to complete the main story. With those tasks out of the way, romance is fully available to you in Harvestella. Keep in mind that romance in Harvestella isn’t very intense or flirtatious, and it’s more focused on building trust and forming a strong bond.

Harvestella romance options

A character named Emo praying in Harvestella.

Not everyone you meet is a romance option in Harvestella. There are, however, several eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for you to mingle with. Remember — you’ll need to complete each Character Story before having the option to trigger the partnership event, so it’s worth starting each questline as soon as possible. Thankfully, Harvestella has no time-restricted events, so regardless of when you begin or finish a Character Story, you won’t be missing out on any content. This makes them a great way to break up the main story or if you’re growing tired of your duties on the farm.

Here’s a look at romance options along with where you’ll find them.

  • Aria (Bird’s Eye Brae): A mysterious traveler that may be from the future, Aria is quickly swept up in your adventures.
  • Istina (Nemea Town): Can be found running the town orphanage before getting tangled up in your quest to save the world.
  • Asyl (Nemea Town): Introduced during an early quest, Asyl is a warrior fighting to protect his town from a nearby monster infestation.
  • Shrika (Argene): A member of the religious Seaslight Order that’s well-versed in combat thanks to her deadly blades of light.
  • Emo (Shatolla): A singer at a local tavern that carries the Woglinde Job during combat.
  • Heine (Shatolla): An eccentric inventor from Shatolla that plays as a Mechanic during combat.

Harvestella romance restrictions

There are no romance restrictions based on your character’s gender, giving you the freedom to pursue every eligible love interest. Keep in mind that you’ll need to clear the main story to unlock the partnership event, but other than that restriction, there’s not much stopping you from building a bond with another character.

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