MW2 Raid guide: How to complete the Atomgrad Raid

The first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Raid known as Atomgrad is available now as part of the Season 1 Reloaded update. This Raid sends groups of three players into an underground tunnel to solve a series of puzzles while surviving waves of enemies. It’s a mostly linear experience with a few tricky parts along the way. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Atomgrad Raid in Modern Warfare II.

First code puzzle

As soon as you start, make your way through the linear path ahead, while taking out enemies silently. If you’re spotted, you’ll have to deal with an all-out assault, so try your best not to be seen. Head straight and to the right and you’ll come to a room with a terminal that has Russian letters on it, a set of TVs, a keypad, and a red button that opens a door.

Room with TVs in the Atomgrad Raid In Modern Warfare 2.

This is one of the trickiest parts of the Raid, but it’s straightforward once you know what to do. Open the door, have one player go inside the little room, and then make sure two of your three players are interacting with the TV feed. Scroll through the feed until you reach a screen that looks like the one below, featuring a projector and a set of Russian letters and numbers.

A screen with Russian letters in Modern Warfare II.

Then, have the person at the terminal in the main room read off or describe the Russian letters in order. If they call out a letter that matches the one on the projector shown above, then the player in the TV feed needs to read the letter below. For instance — in reference to the image above — if the player in the main room reads off “Y,” then the player in the TV feed would say “4.” Keep in mind, sometimes a letter might not appear on either projector and if so, you should just skip it. The player reading the letters off needs to take note of the numbers called back by the other two teammates.

After you’ve successfully taken note of three numbers — which correspond to the three-digit code — input that code into the keypad on the right. You then have to repeat this process two more times, but each player’s position will need to be swapped.

Swim through tunnels

Swimming through Raid in Modern Warfare II.

After you’ve opened the submarine door, you and your squad will need to swim through an underground tunnel while sharing an oxygen tank. Just make sure to rotate the tank in order so each player can breathe. Eventually, you’ll come to a gate that can be opened with a red button. One player needs to press the button while the other two pass through. Then on the other side, have another player open the gate to allow the final player to pass through.

Then, head down towards the red light. Keep swimming, making sure to follow the arrows on the walls and you’ll go through a hole in the ground. Be careful of the trip wires and keep maneuvering forward until you reach a section with a generator.

Generator puzzle

Generator puzzle in Modern Warfare II.

Next, you’ll need to have one player turn on the generator on the surface and one player open the door below. The third takes the oxygen and swims through the door that just opened. After they’re through, have one remaining player turn on the generator again (it resets) and have the person who went through the door press a red button on the wall to re-open the door, allowing everyone to get through.

Survive armory ambush

Large hole in ground in Atomgrad Raid.

Next, you’ll need to maneuver through a narrow corridor while battling powerful enemies, including two Juggernauts. Press a red button in one of the far rooms to trigger the next sequence, hold off the enemies, and a door will open, leading to a room with a large hole.

Final code puzzle

Player in front of projector in Modern Warfare II.

Home stretch! The last puzzle requires you to essentially perform the same actions during the first step of the Raid — except you physically need to have players in each room with the projectors. Have one player stay in the main area while reading off the Russian letters, and then one player in each of the rooms with the projectors. This sequence is much harder because you’re timed and an endless wave of enemies comes at you while trying to figure out the codes.

Remember, you’ll need to swap out each player’s roles to gather all three codes. Once you do, the final sequence will begin.

Survive final wave

Aiming down sights in Modern Warfare II Raid.

For this, you’ll need to guard a door for four minutes. It’s pretty tough, but if you have one player watch the front, one at the back, and one to the side, you’ll have all your bases covered. Make sure to have one player call out when the Juggernaut is near so everyone can unload on them. Then, go back to your positions to hold off the hoard. After four minutes, the door will open and the Raid will end.

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