How to catch Wo-Chien: all purple stake locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The most exciting part of any new Pokémon title is obviously all the new monsters waiting to be found and caught. Among these, each new generation includes brand new legendary Pokémon that are a bit more tricky to get than the rest. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, one of these new legendaries is the elusive Wo-Chien. If you’re trying to complete your Pokédex, here’s how you can add this hidden snail to your team.

A fuzzy snail Pokémon.

How to find Wo-Chien

Wo-Chien isn’t out and about waiting to be caught like a normal Pokémon. Instead, you will need to gather some hidden items to open up the shrine to reach him.

Step 1: Collect all the eight Purple Ominous Stakes around Paldea from the locations marked on the map below. Once you pull the final stake, you’ll hear a mysterious cry coming from a shrine.

The Paldea map with markers.

Step 2: Wo-Chien’s shrine, the Grasswither Shrine, is located in South Province (Area One).

If you complete all of the history classes at school and continue speaking with Ms. Raifort afterward, she will eventually tell you the old Paldean fairy tale about Ruinous Quartet and mark the location of the Grasswither Shrine and other shrines on your overworld map.

If you haven’t been going to class, you can still find the Grasswither Shrine by exploring. The location is on the map below.

Wo-Chien shrine location on map.

Step 3: Battle and catch Wo-Chien.

This is a level 60 Dark/Grass-type, but if you want to catch it, avoid using Fire-types since you can accidentally KO it. Make sure to have some strong Pokéballs as well, such as Ultra Balls.

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