Sony revives a PlayStation 2 deep cut as a PS VR2 launch title

Sony announced a new batch of games coming to the PlayStation VR2, including a handful of titles that’ll launch with the hardware on February 22. The most notable game on that list is Fantavision 202X, a left-field revival of one of the PlayStation 2’s most peculiar launch games.

The announcement comes from a new Sony blog post focused on Japanese-developed games coming to PS VR2. The post includes five games, four of which are newly announced launch titles for the tech. Fantavision, which launches February 22, especially stands out as it has some historical significance for PlayStation fans.

Fireworks explode in Fantavision 202X.

Released in 2000, Fantavision is an unusual puzzle game built around fireworks. Players have to match different fireworks colors to put on a dazzling light show. The original game gets a little strange too, eventually taking players to outer space. For those curious, it’s currently available to play as part of PS Plus’ retro catalog.

The new version won’t stray too far from the original’s gameplay loop but will implement motion controls. Players will catch fireworks by moving their hands and pulling the trigger when over one. It’ll include a single-player mode and a replay mode that allows players to adjust the camera on their recordings. That format could wind up being a smart fit for VR, giving Sony’s new platform its own version of Tetris Effect.

Several other new launch titles were announced as well. Altair Breaker is a sword-based multiplayer game from Thirdverse, The Tale of Onogoro is a steampunk adventure game set in Japan, Kizuna AI — Touch the Beat! is a new rhythm game featuring 15 songs, and Dysynchronia: Chronos Alternate is a sci-fi investigation game. All of those will launch on February 22 alongside the new headset.

The blog post also details one game that doesn’t yet have a release date. X8 is a 5v5 multiplayer shooter developed by Thirdverse. A pair of screenshots show that players will use both guns and swords in combat.

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