How to catch Chien-Pao: all yellow stake locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet hides many secrets in the huge open region of Paldea. Among the hundreds of Pokémon you will find and battle naturally, there are four hidden legendaries that are not only very tough to fight, but require quite a bit of work to even find. Chien-Pao is a particularly strong addition to any trainer’s team, so here’s how you can catch this sleek and strong Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

Chien-Poa in the rain.

How to catch Chien-Pao

Chien-Pao, like the other three legendaries in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is hidden away in a shrine that you need to unlock first. Once done, you will then have the opportunity to fight and catch it.

Step 1: Collect all eight of the Yellow Ominmous Stakes in the Paldea region as seen on the map below. Once you pull the final stake, you’ll hear a mysterious cry coming from a shrine.

Step 2: Chien-Pao’s shrine, the Icerend Shrine, is located in West Province (Area One) near where the Open Sky Titan lives.

If you complete all of the history classes at school and continue speaking with Ms. Raifort afterward, she will eventually tell you the old Paldean fairy tale about Ruinous Quartet and mark the location of the Icerend Shrine and other shrines on your overworld map.

If you haven’t been going to class, you can still find the Icerend Shrine by exploring. The location is on the map below. You will need to be able to climb or glide with your Ride Pokémon to get to this location.

Chein Pao shrine location map.

Step 3: Chien-Pao is a level 60 Dark/Ice-type. If you intend on catching it, don’t use any powerful Fire or Rock-type Pokémon that might accidentally knock it out. Use whatever you have that is resistant to Ice moves, plus some Ultra Balls, to have the best shot at catching it.

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