Google’s latest Nest Hub smart display is 50% off right now

If you’re looking to catch a great discount on some tech for your smart home setup, the Google Nest Hub Smart Display is just $50 at Best Buy right now. This is a savings of $50 from its regular price of $100, and there’s even some free goodies thrown in. Three free months of YouTube Premium is included with your purchase, as is a four-month Premier subscription to SiriusXM. Free shipping is also included, and in many locations you can pick it up at your nearest Best Buy in about an hour.

Why you should buy the Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub Smart Display is a great piece of tech to put at the center of your smart home setup. It shows all of your connected devices in one place, and you can control them from the Nest Hub with just a tap. It even has voice integration, allowing you to control your devices with a voice command. The Nest Hub Smart Display also has a new microphone, making it capable of hearing you better than previous models. You can also ask Google about the weather, news, sports, or almost anything, and get quick answers.

Like all of the best smart home devices, the Google Nest Hub Smart Display is meant to make everything around the house a little easier. It’s capable of improving your health with sleep tracking, and meditations from Calm are available through Google Assistant on the Nest Hub Smart Display. It works with Nest speakers and displays to broadcast messages across the house, and you can even chat from room to room. With its 7-inch display, it also makes a great device for catching up on Netflix, watching YouTube videos, and listening to music. Streaming services such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and many others are built right into the Google Nest Hub Smart Display.

While the Google Nest Hub Smart Display would typically set you back $100, right now you can grab it for just $50 at Best Buy. This is a $50 savings, and a savings of even more can be included when you count the three free months of YouTube Premium and four free months of SiriusXM Premier that come with your purchase.

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