This cheap gaming monitor has free next day delivery at Dell

A 27-inch gaming monitor on a white background.

So you just shopped some fancy new gaming PC deals for a new setup — you’re going to need a special monitor to complete your upgrade. Luckily Dell is having a fantastic sale on an already affordable model. Today you can grab the Dell G2722HS, a 27-inch gaming monitor, for only $150, nearly half off its original price of $280. As a bonus with this deal, you can get free next day shipping when you order today. So if your new rig is in the mail, you can be sure you’ll have a fancy new monitor to play with when it gets here. It’s not every day that we get gaming monitor deals like this.

Why you should buy a 27-inch Dell gaming monitor

There are a lot of reasons you’ll want to upgrade your monitor if you intend to use it primarily for gaming. To start, 1080p is the lowest resolution you’ll want to go. After all, what’s the point of gorgeous graphics running through an expensive GPU if the actual window you’re viewing it through is low-res? This Dell gaming monitor is 1080p, so you’re covered there. The most important feature for a gaming laptop is how fast it can refresh. You want smooth motion and zero lag. This monitor has a 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. You won’t see any choppy action, and it won’t feel like your on-screen movements are lagging behind your fingers.

This isn’t necessarily a premier piece of hardware, but you get a lot for the price. For example, you don’t get 100% of the color gamut, but you do get 99% of it. That’s 16.7 million colors. It’s not OLED or QLED, so you don’t have perfect contrast, but the contrast ratio is still 1000:1. It has some nice bonus features, like multiple HDMI ports so you can use it with your work computer without having to manually switch plugins every time. It has an anti-glare screen and a tilting stand, so you don’t have to worry about sun or overhead lights clouding your view.

This is a great opportunity to upgrade to a gaming monitor for cheap. Grab this 27-inch gaming monitor from Dell while it’s $130 off, down to only $150 — and you’ll get it by tomorrow.

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