The Samsung Galaxy S23 just took a big step closer to its release date

Based on Samsung’s yearly release schedule, we’re expecting the Galaxy S23 line to launch sometime in February 2023. While the smartphone has already been passed through a small handful of global certification boards, it was recently spotted being approved by two more — meaning that a February launch is looking more and more likely by the day. As spotted by SamMobile, the Galaxy S23 appears to be ready for launch in Thailand and India, two major markets for Samsung.

Passing through the two regulatory boards, Thailand’s NBTC and India’s BIS, we didn’t learn a whole lot of new information about the S23. We do now have confirmation about the phone’s model number. The S23’s model number was rumored to be SM-S911B/DS, which appeared in documents released by both the NBTC and the BIS, meaning that we’ve nailed down another piece of the S23 puzzle (albeit a small one).

An image of the Galaxy S23 Ultra which looks nearly identical to the S22 Ultra.
Galaxy S23 Ultra render Smartprix

While we haven’t learned any new substantial information on the S23 as a result of the two new certifications, seeing the smartphone pass through more regulator boards helps confirm that its launch is coming soon. The S23’s exact release date is still up in the air, but the fact that it’s being certified in multiple countries means that we can likely expect to officially hear from Samsung about it in the coming months.

Neither the NBTC nor the BIS makes any mention of the Galaxy S23 Plus or S23 Ultra, but there’s a chance that they’ve been approved as well — we just might not have the correct information about their model numbers. If not, there’s little need to worry, as it’s all but guaranteed the base S23 will be joined by S23 Plus and S23 Ultra siblings.

All told, based on the rumors and leaks we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy S23, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be redefining the mobile landscape, however, if everything we’ve seen is true, it does appear to be an expected incremental step up from the Galaxy S22. Any official word from Samsung is still yet to come, but its annual showcase in the first months of the year should help clarify the murkier details.

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