France vs. Morocco live stream: Watch the semi-final game for free

The FIFA World Cup trophy held aloft by a group of hands.

We’re in the final stages of the World Cup 2022, and only four teams remain. Even if you’re not normally a soccer fan, this is a great time to learn how to watch the World Cup 2022, as the drama and excitement is about to hit fever pitch. France vs. Morocco is due to be another great match, and both teams have worked hard to get here. France knocked out England in the last round, while Morocco took on and bested Spain, proving its underdog credentials and kicking out a giant of the game. Where will it go from here? You’ll have to watch to find out, and that’s easy to do, thanks to this free France vs Morocco live stream.

How to watch France vs. Morocco in the U.S.

There are a number of deals that can get you World Cup coverage, but it’s hard to beat a free and legal option. FuboTV is showing the entire soccer tournament through Fox Sports, and has a week-long free trial you can use to watch the rest of the upcoming games. Grab the free trial to watch France vs. Morocco, and you’ll also be able to watch the final, as well as dive into FuboTV’s 133 other live channels it offers. After the free week is up, it’s $70 a month to keep access, so make sure to cancel if you don’t want a surprise payment on your bank account.

It’s late into the World Cup 2022, though, and you may have previously used your FuboTV free trial earlier. Well, there’s still no need to pay full price if you don’t want to, as Sling TV is here to make things easier. Sling TV is offering 50% off your first month’s subscription to Sling Blue, which brings the price to just $20 for that month. A month is more than enough to cover the rest of the World Cup, and full coverage of the tournament is included, as well as access to 41 live channels. That’s a lot of content for just $20, so you’re sure to find something to keep you entertained, even after the World Cup is finished.

Why not look for a better streaming deal at the same time? Hulu + Live TV has the World Cup 2022, but don’t discount the rest this package offers. As well as the soccer, you get access to 75 Live TV channels, but crucially, it also comes with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus as well. Both of those services have a lot to offer even casual viewers, so they help to make the relatively expensive $70 a month subscription charge a lot more palatable. So if you’re happy to switch to a new service (and one we’ve named as one of the best live TV streaming services), and can think of the World Cup as a bonus, this is a great choice.

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