Best Chromecast Deals for December: Get the streaming puck for $19

For those who have an older TV which lacks smart features, there is a way to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ on the TV by adding a device like a Google Chromecast. This small device lets you add streaming features from services like Netflix or Hulu to your current TV by plugging it into the back of your TV via an HDMI port. Chromecasts are already affordable, so they don’t often go on sale, but to help you save some cash and find the best Chromecast deals, we’ve rounded up some of the best offers available below.

Google Chromecast 3rd gen — $19, was $30

A black Google Chromecast on a white background.

Google Chromecast was the original smart TV platform and gave way to a lot of options you see today, such as the Apple TV. While it may be a little bit dated at this point, it is still a great little device that can stream at 1080p, which is great if you haven’t picked up a 4K TV deal and are dealing with an old-school “dumb” TV. Even better, its age has made it quite cheap, even though the software inside of it is relatively modern, having all the modern streaming apps like Disney+ and HBO Max available. While it doesn’t have a remote, which is a bit of a letdown given most modern smart TV platforms do, you can still control it through your phone, so it’s not a huge loss, and the lack of a remote does also help keep the price down.

Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast package — $60, was $80

A Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast next to each other on a white background.

One of the biggest competitors of Google is Apple, and if you’ve been looking through some Apple TV deals, you may be leaning toward getting one of those instead. Well, don’t rule out Google just yet, because this deal includes both a Chromecast and the Google Nest Mini. If you aren’t familiar with the Nest Mini, it’s Google’s smart speaker, similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, and has surprisingly loud and clear audio fidelity for being such a small speaker. You can also control your home and your Google ecosystem through the Nest Mini using your voice, and of course, you get access to Google Assistant, which is great if you’re already in the Google ecosystem.

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