Best Alienware deals for December 2022

Alienware is a brand that requires no introduction. PC gamers across the planet recognize the Alienware logo at a glance, and that little Martian’s head has stood as an icon in the gaming community for decades running — but such premium design and bleeding-edge hardware comes at a premium. If you’re in the market for laptop deals, monitor deals, or some other equipment for your battle station and you’re on a budget, however, worry not: We’ve got you covered with this hand-picked roundup of the month’s best Alienware deals.

Best Alienware deals

  • Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor —
  • Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair —
  • Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor —
  • Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop —
  • Alienware m17 Gaming Laptop —

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor — $250, was $350

Alienware AW2521HFL 25-inch gaming monitor in white.

Why Buy

  • Great refresh rate
  • Excellent response time
  • Looks stylish
  • Good color coverage

The Alienware AW2521HFL is not only one of the best gaming monitors, it’s also a pretty sweet deal right now. It has a 25-inch screen with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, but that’s only the beginning, as it offers an impressive 240Hz refresh rate. That means it lets you watch or play the fastest-moving scenes without you having to worry about things like motion blur and lag. On top of that, a true 1m gray-to-gray response time means that input lag is a thing of the past, so you always get the best gaming experience. Say goodbye to ghosting and enjoy a consistently clear image.

Other features include a contrast ratio of 1000 to 1 and support for up to 16.7 million colors. You get up to 99% sRGB color coverage with image clarity maintained from wide viewing angles thanks to its IPS panel. Additionally, there’s support for AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync vertical sync technologies. That means that your AMD or Nvidia graphics card and monitor can synchronize together, ensuring you get tear-free images that won’t slow down your experience.

In addition, the Alienware 25 gaming monitor offers up plenty of ports. It has two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, and a broad selection of USB 3.0 ports courtesy of its built-in USB hub. The monitor looks great, too, with its new stand offering tapered legs that can let you turn your keyboard to any side angle. Height, tilt, and swivel adjustments mean you can line things up just right. Once in-game, you can load up a gaming-centric menu with an easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to choose from multiple preset game modes, activate an FPS counter, or even look at guiding lines when arranging a multi-screen setup. Gorgeous and versatile, this Alienware gaming monitor is an ideal addition to any gaming setup.

Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair — $350, was $400

The Alienware S500 gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs available.

Why Buy

  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great lumbar support

If you’ve been eying up the best gaming chairs, the Alienware S5000 is one to look at. Designed specifically with long gaming sessions in mind, this racing-style chair has a great design that ensures you’re at your most comfortable while you play, no matter how long you’re busy fragging your enemies.

In addition, it features PUC material which combines the best attributes of PVC and PU faux leather. That way, you get all the durability of PVC for everyday use while you get the plushness of PU for all-day comfort. Alongside that, the Alienware gaming chair uses premium high-resilience foam that boasts a density well above the industry standard. This prolongs the lifespan of the chair by preventing deformities after extended periods of use. The chair takes hardly any time at all to setup thanks to a patented slide-in system that means just one person can easily assemble it. Simply slide the backrest into the seat and you’re pretty much there.

Other features include an alloy five star base for support and stability, an aluminum and steel frame that keeps things secure for a long time to come, and motorsport-inspired casters. There’s also an industrial-grade gas lift that helps you find the perfect height for your needs. Extra lumbar and neck support round off this well-designed captain’s seat. With this Alienware gaming chair, you’ll be able to game for longer and in far greater comfort than ever before.

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor — $1,199, was $1,350

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor showing video game scene, on a white background

Why Buy

  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Great display
  • Able to handle fast-paced action
  • Excellent color support

The best curved monitors are perfect for seriously immersive gaming, and that’s certainly the case with the Alienware 38 AW3821DW. It has all the high-end specs you could want from a best-in-class curved monitor, and will blow your mind with its great specs and well thought-out design. Its gorgeous 37.5-inch display is an IPS panel that features an aspect ratio of 21:9 with a brightness of 450 nits and a response time of just 1ms gray-to-gray. Things get even better with support for up to 1.07 billion colors and a contrast ratio of 1000 to 1. An anti-glare coating is useful for reducing eyestrain, too.

One key feature of the Alienware 38 curved gaming monitor is its support for VESA DisplayHDR 600. It delivers strikingly realistic imagery as well as localized dimming. That improves the contrast ratio and provides you with greater color depth, remarkable clarity, and a reduced halo effect. Utilizing the cinema standard for color — IPS Nano Color technology — means wider spectrum coverage than standard sRGB, so you get a more lifelike image. Combined with the curved screen, you get a far more immersive experience as the field of vision is enhanced while reducing distortion.

Whether for gaming or working, the curved display’s WQHD+ resolution translates to 24% more pixels than WQHD so there’s more screen real estate to spread around. And with a silky-smooth moving images thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate and use of Nvidia G-Sync technology, everything about the Alienware 38 curved gaming monitor looks truly gorgeous. A fully adjustable stand means you can set things up just how you like. If all of this is Greek to you, all you need to know is that these specs offer pretty much everything you need from a gaming monitor, and at a solid price thanks to ongoing Alienware deals.

Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop — $1,400 with code 100OFF1499, was $2,450

Alienware M15 R5 gaming laptops on white background.

Why Buy

  • Great specs
  • Excellent display
  • Stylish looks
  • Good thermal performance

The brands that make the best gaming laptops appreciate that gamers’ needs are different than that of a regular laptop user. In the case of the Alienware m15 gaming laptop, you get great hardware, excellent thermals, sweet looks, and the sense that you’ve bought something truly special. Looking at the core hardware, the Alienware m15 gaming laptop has a lot going for it: It offers an eight-core Ryzen 9 5900HX processor alongside 16GB of RAM. That’s plenty of juice for most multitasking and gaming needs. There’s also 1TB of solid-state storage so you’ve got plenty of room for installing your favorite games without a problem. Then we come to the most important part of a gaming laptop — the graphics card. In the case of this Alienware m15 you get an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card which is great for playing the latest games without any issues. Expect to be able to crank up that quality level nicely.

The Alienware m15 gaming laptop is well-designed elsewhere, too. For instance, its 15.6-inch full HD screen offers a stunning refresh rate of 360Hz which means that action is silky smooth when playing at higher framerates. In conjunction with Nvidia G-Sync technology, you get an exceptional picture that syncs up your graphics card and the display to avoid stuttering and screen-tearing. A 1ms response time means that input lag is practically non-existent as well. There’s ComfortView Plus low blue light technology, too, so harsh bright light is filtered out in the evening hours, reducing the risk of eyestrain during those long gaming sessions.

With other neat features like enhanced thermal performance thanks to proprietary Cryo-Tech cooling, the Alienware m15 gaming laptop is designed to ensure that you get the most from your hardware (including a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace this beast any time soon).

Alienware m17 Gaming Laptop — $1,400, was $1,800

Alienware m17 R5 laptop sitting on a table.

Why Buy

  • Sufficiently thin for a 17-inch laptop
  • Great performance
  • Excellent display
  • Stylish looks

The Alienware m17 is a supremely delightful gaming laptop. Although it’s no longer Alienware’s thinnest 17-inch laptop, it offers fantastic cooling and packs some very powerful hardware. Nonetheless, if you hate the clunky gaming laptops of years past, this is still a great pick. Under the hood, it sports an AMD Ryzen 7 processor along with 16GB of RAM. Many gaming laptops offer up the standard 8GB of memory but the Alienware m17 doubles that, giving you some much-needed future-proofing. You also get a 512GB SSD, which means there should be no issues with installing plenty of your favorite games at one time.

The great features keep on coming: The Alienware m17 gaming laptop boasts an AMD Radeon RX 6700M graphics card with a whopping 10GB of VRAM, which is more than capable of playing the latest games at high settings. There’s also a 17.3-inch Full HD display with a 165Hz refresh rate. Combined with AMD FreeSync technology, it’s able to sync up with your graphics card so you get a buttery smooth viewing experience even during fast-paced scenes.

Despite all that hardware within a sleek shell, the Alienware m17 gaming laptop has some very impressive cooling technology. Alienware’s quad exhaust layout and Cryo-Tech technology ensure that overheating just doesn’t happen, with each fan intelligently controlled and uniquely programmed to work at optimal levels at all times. You have total control in the event that you want to tweak anything. In addition, a highly responsive keyboard with per-key RGB LED lighting and limited travel shows that Alienware cut no corners and left no detail unthought of when designing what might be the ultimate 17-inch gaming laptop.

When are the best Alienware deals?

You’ve already seen that there are some pretty great Alienware deals going on right now, and as always, there’s no time like the present. If you’re keen to treat yourself to a new monitor or gaming laptop, now is a fine time to do so. That’s even more relevant if your existing setup has failed or you simply need a new device right now for some other reason. But what do you do if you’re willing to wait in order to save even more cash? There may be better times later in the year to snap up one of the best Alienware deals.

For example: Prime Day. Celebrating Amazon’s birthday in the summer may have once been an exclusively Amazon-based sale, but many other retailers also get in on the action. It’s a really good opportunity to grab some pricey tech as electronics feature heavily among the deals. However, the absolute best time of year to shop is always going to be Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This massive sales event follows directly after Thanksgiving and always brings deep discounts on the latest technology. The downside? It’s an obvious one: It doesn’t happen until the end-of-year holidays, which don’t start until late November. That’s a long time to wait even if you are likely to save big. You might want to spend money on a great Alienware deal now rather than wait until later.

There’s also the issue of budgeting. If you can afford Alienware deals now, go for it. The holiday season and even the summer can be pretty expensive with trips and gifts to pay for. Buy now and you get to enjoy your new Alienware acquisition immediately without worrying about it cutting into your disposable income like it may during other seasons.

Ultimately, only you know when is the best time to buy but right now, there are certainly some sweet Alienware deals on tap. Time is money, after all, and waiting doesn’t always make things cheaper.

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