Samsung’s first (and only) 65-inch OLED TV is $500 off right now

2022 Samsung OLED TV S95B seen on a media unit.

If you’re shopping for the best TV deals among the highest quality TVs, Best Buy has what may be the best of all deals for you in the Samsung S95B 65-inch OLED 4K smart TV.  You can save $500 if you buy this Samsung model on sale for $1,800 instead of its regular $2,300 price. If you want a TV with the top new video and audio technology to continue to serve you and your family for years, don’t wait or you may be disappointed when the S96B sells out.

Why you should buy the Samsung S95B 65-inch OLED TV

It’s easy to run out of superlatives when you consider Samsung’s OLED TV. In our Samsung  S95B OLED TV review, our expert had high praise for both its overall brightness and color brightness, contrast, and perfect blacks. A major factor in the Samsung’s favor is the manufacturer’s addition of Quantum Dot (QD) technology to the OLED screen. The unique QD-LED design has 8.3 million ultra-fast tiny lights with more than a billion possible color shades. Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor uses artificial intelligence (AI) neural processing to manage the outstanding images, automatically adding 4K upscaling for all video content. This TV’s screen capabilities exceed typical HD quality imagery for outstanding detail.

Choosing one of the best OLED TV deals is a smart move to avoid early obsolescence. Samsung matches the S95B OLED’s well-deserved display accolades with Dolby Atmos cinematic surround sound. The TV’s internal speakers will impress you with their object tracking, using the Atmos tech to add height to the sound mix in addition to the usual left-right and front and rear sound dimensionality. The S95B is also a smart Tizen TV that helps you find the content you want the first time you power it up and only improves your experience as it learns your preferences and favorites. You’ll find four available HDMI ports on the Samsung S95B, so it’s easy to hook up other video sources such as game controllers. This Best Buy deal has a bonus for gamers with a free Microsoft Wireless X Box controller bundled with the TV.

If display quality is high on your list of 4K TV must-have features, act now and don’t take the chance that you’ll lose out on this excellent deal. Best Buy slashed the price on the Samsung S95B 65-inch class OLED 4K smart TV from $2,300 to a compelling $1,800. Save $500 when you buy today.

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