Nintendo Switch Year in Review: how to access your 2022 end-of-year stats

It’s the end of 2022, and Nintendo has given players access to their Switch stats for the year as part of its Year in Review. This works almost identically to Sony’s 2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up, which recaps players’ gaming stats for the year.

The Nintendo Switch Year in Review gives players information about their Switch games of 2022, with details about their most played games and other interesting stats. But how exactly does this work, how do you access it, and how can you share your Nintendo Switch Year in Review stats? Here’s how it works.

What is the Nintendo Year in Review?

You can access all sorts of interesting stats via the Nintendo Switch Year in Review. This includes information about games you played at launch, titles you’ve spent at least three years playing, and even a breakdown of your favorite genres. You can then share these stats on social media to compare with your friends and family. Here’s how to access your stats.

Home page for Nintendo Year in Review.

How to access your Nintendo Year in Review stats

Accessing your Nintendo Year in Review 2022 recap is as easy as visiting a link, and scrolling through.

Step 1: To access your Year in Review stats, you need to visit the official Nintendo page.

Step 2: After you’ve signed in, select Get started and you’ll be taken to the stats page.

Nintendo year in review page with game stats.

Step 3: From here, you can scroll down to access your Nintendo Switch stats.

Step 4: On the section that covers specific games, be sure to click within the left or right sides of the field to scroll through horizontally. This will show you the most played games, either by month or by time.

Step 5: Each section has a share option, allowing you to post your stats on social media. Be sure to click Share this to show your friends your Nintendo Year in Review stats.

Nintendo Year in Review page with game trends.

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