Death Stranding 2: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

There were plenty of hints along the way, and even some leaks by the leading man himself, but it was only made official at the Game Awards 2022 that Death Stranding 2 is on its way. Coming from the same influential and creative mind as the original, as well as the Metal Gear franchise before it, Hideo Kojima introduced the game himself. Of course, nothing about Kojima’s games are straight forward, and what was revealed about Death Stranding 2 probably raised more questions than it answered. While we can’t deliver you all the answers, here’s everything we do know about this hotly anticipated sequel.

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Release date

Hooded people walking in the desert.

The trailer didn’t give us a release date for Death Stranding 2, and in fact, even pointed out that this was just the game’s working title and would likely change. That leads us to believe that 2023 is probably too soon to expect it, but 2024 certainly feels possible.


The only platform Death Stranding 2 is confirmed for at the moment is the PS5. This makes sense as the first game was a PlayStation console exclusive at launch, later getting a PC port in 2020, and even coming the PC Game Pass. While it is possible for Death Stranding 2 to come to PC, and even PC Game Pass, like the first, Sony does own the IP so don’t expect it to come to any competitor’s consoles.


We got our first, long look at Death Stranding 2 with the debut trailer from 2022’s Game Awards.

While the trailer has no gameplay, there are a lot of story and character details shown. We see Fragile and a baby (possibly Lou?) playing in a room with screens projecting the outside world. Fragile looks younger here than in the original, which could imply this is a flashback. Something appears to be going wrong and she attempts to escape in an elevator from unseen pursuers. After getting shot and crashing, she appears to pass out, leaving the baby’s fate unknown.

We see Sam next, who has visibly aged, approaching Fragile. A massive floating structure with the Drawbridge logo rises from the oil, which she wants him to accompany her on.

The trailer ends with a mysterious masked figure about to reveal their face, but we cut before it is shown.


Sam with grey hair.

No gameplay has been shown yet, nor have there been comments about how it has or has not changed. What we do know is that Death Stranding 2 will continue to use the Decima engine, which the first game ran on, and was created by Guerilla Games for the Horizon series. So, at the very least, we know this game will look amazing.

It’s impossible to know with Kojima, but unless this game is a massive departure from the first, expect the same level of managing weight, plotting courses, and hiking through rough terrain trying to avoid damaging your cargo as the first game.


A giant floating ship.

Multiplayer was very unique in Death Stranding, and will certainly be in Death Stranding 2 as well. We may see the same system of finding objects and resources left by other players, and giving each other likes, or perhaps this time there will be a more direct way to help one another.


A masked man with a guitar.

There’s no preorder information yet, but we’ll update this section as soon as there is.

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