Perfect for gifting, this slim Keurig coffee maker is $70 today

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black.

Whether you’re shopping the best coffee maker deals for yourself or for someone on your gift list, you’re sure to see plenty of sales for Keurig single-serve coffee machines. Keurig builds a wide range of its popular K-Cup java brewers and it might seem hard to choose. When you check out the best Keurig deals, however, you can’t beat the slim Keurig K-Mini Keurig coffee maker. Usually priced at $100, today Amazon has the K-Mini on sale for Just $70, a $30 savings. There’s nothing slim about the rich taste of a cup of coffee from the Keurig K-Mini, so take advantage of this sale before it sells out.

Why you should buy the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker

We track the best Keurig deals regularly and have noticed that whenever the K-Mini is on sale, it moves fast. Sure, you can spend a lot more on Keurig K-Cup coffee makers that present you with a range of features and options that vary with the model. Some of the higher-end Keurigs also take up a sizable amount of counter space — not so with the K-Mini. Keurig’s K-Mini is uber popular for two reasons: simple operation and space-saving footprint. If you like to make a lot of choices when you brew your first cup of the day, the fancier and more costly Keurigs await your choice. If you’re like many of us, however, and don’t want to make a lot of decisions for that cup of joe, keep it simple with the K-Mini. You don’t have to sacrifice much counter space for the Keurig K-Mini because it’s less than 5 inches wide.

If you’ve never operated a Keurig coffee maker, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is for a perfect cup every time, especially with the K-Mini. A single-cup reservoir holds up to 12 ounces of water, so start by filling it — if you fill it from the same cup you’ll drink from you don’t have to wonder if it’s too much or too little. Pop a K-Cup pod with your favorite brand and blend of coffee or other hot beverage in the pod holder, put your cup or travel mug on the removable drip tray, push the brew button marked with a large K, and you’ll shortly be enjoying a rich, flavorful cup. Other helpful bits include convenient internal power cord storage and a 90-second auto-off so you won’t have to even think about turning off the K-Mini.

If you’re already a Keurig K-Cup coffee fan, you know what it’s like to brew your first fast, flavorful cup. Remote workers may even want to set up a Keurig K-Mini in their home office to enjoy a convenient mid-afternoon brew without a trip to the kitchen. To save $30 off the regular $100 price, snap up this deal for the K-Mini Keurig coffee maker for just $70. The only concern is whether this deal sells out before you make your decision.

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