Get it in time for the holidays: Where to buy AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro 2 sitting beside iPhone 14 and charging case.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

One of the most highly sought-after gifts for the holidays is the Apple AirPods Pro. Great earphones for anyone looking to enjoy noise-cancellation that genuinely works along with earphones that pair up perfectly with all their devices; these are the ones that everyone wants and needs in their life. To help you track down some Apple AirPods Pro in time for the holidays, we’ve looked at where you can buy AirPods Pro today and receive them in time for the big day later this month. Right now, you can buy the AirPods Pro from Amazon for $229 saving you $20 off the usual price, all while still getting them in plenty of time ahead of the holidays. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Why you should buy the Apple AirPods Pro

The latest Apple AirPods Pro are technically an incremental upgrade from the previous model but wow, do they know how to refine things. As before, if you have other Apple products, setup is incredibly fast and simple. Sleek to look at as well as put in your ears, they have all the key essentials like wireless charging and a clear and solid connection. To be some of the best wireless earbuds, however, they need to do more and they certainly achieve that.

That’s because they offer a superior audio experience. The Apple-designed H2 chip is able to provide you with smarter noise cancellation along with more immersive sound than before. The low-distortion and custom-built driver delivers crisp and clear high notes with deep and rich bass. Cementing their place in our look at the best noise-cancelling headphones, they also provide up to two times more Active Noise Cancellation than the previous AirPods Pro. That means you can truly lose yourself to the music while commuting with adaptive transparency capable of helping you return to the world around you as needed. Personalized spatial audio provides you with sound tuned just for you and your ears, while dynamic head tracking helps you feel more part of the experience. Improved battery life further adds to the bevy of features with up to 6 hours while ANC is enabled.

Some of the most appealing earphones around, the Apple AirPods Pro are sure to make a fantastic gift for any loved one thanks to their wealth of features and great sound quality. Right now, you can buy them from Amazon and receive them in time for the holidays. Even better, they’re currently $20 off making them $229 instead of $249. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

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