England vs. France live stream: How to watch the game for free

FIFA World Cup on Tubi.

England and France have some serious history together, and that’s better settled nowhere else than on the soccer field. If you want to watch this clash that hopefully won’t last a hundred years, then you’ll need to know how to watch the World Cup 2022. There are a number of ways to watch England vs. France in the U.S., and there’s even a way to do it for free.

How to watch England vs. France in the U.S.

The first way to watch England vs. France in the U.S. allows you to get it for free. Fox Sports is showing the World Cup 2022, and you can get streaming access to it through FuboTV — which has a free trial. See where we’re going with this? The free trial lasts for a week, which is long enough to catch the quarter- and the semi-finals, though you’ll be out of time when the final rolls around. But even with that in mind, a week is a long time in soccer, and the free trial gets you plenty of that. FuboTV doesn’t just get you sport though, it also gives you access to 133 live channels, which are definitely worth checking out after individual matches are finished.

If you’d rather just book into a service to watch the rest of the World Cup 2022 and not have to worry about a free trial running out, then it’s worth checking out Sling TV. Sling TV’s package options are fairly unique, but it’s Sling Blue’s excellent offer we’re most interested in. Subscribe to Sling Blue and you’ll get access to the entire World Cup for just $20, as well as 41 live channels to pick from. This is an extremely solid option that allows you to pay $20 upfront and get definite access to the rest of the World Cup, including the final on December 18.

Last, but certainly not least, is Hulu + Live TV. One of the best live TV streaming services we’ve used, Hulu + Live TV is home to 75 live TV channels, and also comes with subscriptions to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus as well. Oh, and it’s showing the entire World Cup as well. This is a monster of a service that’s just excellent for your general TV viewing, not just for the World Cup 2022. Sure, it’s on the more expensive side, but if it’s charging for stuff you’re going to watch anyway, it’s worth the money.

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