Protect your gifts from porch pirates with a Ring Doorbell — now $60

Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen on doorway
Alina Bradford / Digital Trends

Orders have been placed and packages are being delivered. I know it, you know it, and seediest elements of society know it, too. Criminals looking to make off with some quick loot might be more aware of something missing from your front doorstep than you are. What’s that? One of the best video doorbells to keep your packages under a safe and unblinking eye. And today we have the item from the very top of the list — the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen), rated as the best “entry-level video doorbell” — on sale at a discounted rate of just $60. That’s a large ($40) step down from its typical price of $100, so be sure to take advantage of this deal now.

Why you should buy the Ring Video Doorbell

If you watch crime shows and news broadcasts, you’re probably used to the ubiquitous scene where pixelated, grainy images of criminals doing their deeds leaves you more clueless as to who did the crime than anything else. The Ring Video Doorbell’s quality is nothing like the cameras used in these scenes. At 1080p and full color night vision, when people walk up to your door it feels more like a FaceTime call than a whodunnit mystery. Speaking of calls, the Ring Video Doorbell has two way voice communication and an app. It’s easy to get in touch with whoever is at your door at any time, whether they are there for good purposes or not.

In our Ring Video Doorbell review, we definitely raved about its affordability, but also highlighted privacy features and motion detection functionality. For example, not only does the Ring Video Doorbell ignore cars, you can also set it up to completely ignore certain parts of your yard to keep your privacy intact. Like where your kids play, for instance. Of the few initial roadblocks we had with the device, recharging, we’ve since come out with a handy guide rendering the process easy. It only take a screwdriver and a USB cord, nothing serious. Plus, with a battery life of approximately 100 days, you won’t be thinking about it that often anyhow.

The Ring Video Doorbell usually sells for $100, but is only $60 as part of a limited time deal, so you should pick it up now if you want one. It’ll save you $40. Alternatively, maybe you want to check out our selection of Ring Doorbell deals to see if a different model is in stock, and that’s totally fine too! Whatever you choose, do something to keep yourself — and your packages — protected this holiday season.

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