Google is now supporting my awful browser habits, and I love it

Google has just released a new update for Chrome, and it could be a real timesaver if you’re anything like me.

I have some pretty bad habits when it comes to how I use my browsers, and instead of forcing me to improve, Google is supporting me. Needless to say, I love it.

Google Chrome's new search function.

With the latest update, Google added the option to search through your bookmarks, history, and tabs, all via the browser’s address bar. You can type in @tabs and then click the search option that pops up in order to have Chrome search through all the tabs you have open. Similarly, type in @bookmarks or @history to search through those directly from your address bar.

It’s all super simple, and if your browser doesn’t support it yet, just type Update Chrome into the address bar to have the latest update for desktop (108) get downloaded. It’s possible that the rollout may be delayed for some users, so be patient and check back if you don’t immediately get it.

For users like me, this feature sounds amazing. I’m one of those people who have dozens of tabs open at a time, in multiple windows. I’m not sure why I do this to myself — I hate getting confused by them and having to frantically look for that one tab I had open when I actually need it for something. Don’t even get me started on my bookmarks. I have hundreds of them, all thrown into the same folder without care or reason.

These are bad habits, and I tried to force myself to take advantage of Google’s tab groups, or at least close all of these different tabs when I don’t need them. It never works. Somehow, my brain prefers to trick me into thinking that I enjoy having to search for the equivalent of a needle in a haystack just because I can. I do envy the people who manage to consistently keep just a few tabs open and then close them when they’re done. However, I’m not one of those people.

In short: Thank you, Google, for enabling me. I definitely appreciate this new feature. My aging PC, as it begs me to limit the number of operations it has to run at a time, perhaps appreciates it a little less.

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