Last order dates: Shop by these dates at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart

If you like to do your holiday shopping online, it’s important to make your purchases with enough time left before the holidays to account for shipping times. This can be a little tricky, as the closer we get to the holidays, the more people there will be trying to make last-minute purchases, and thus adding to already-lengthening shipping times. Several retailers offer purchase deadlines as late December 23 with Christmas delivery still guaranteed. We’ve rounded up last order dates for several retailers this holiday season, so read onward for more details on when you need to make your holiday purchases by in order to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas.


Amazon Logo

Amazon is typically one of the most accommodating retailers when it comes to shipping, particularly if you’re an Amazon Prime member. While Amazon hasn’t officially released its 2022 holiday shopping deadline calendar, odds are you’ll be able to shop nearly to the last minute with Amazon. In previous years, the retail giant has guaranteed Christmas delivery as late as the morning of Christmas Eve, though shipping could get a little pricier if you weren’t a Prime member, as you needed to pay for next-day or even overnight delivery.

It’s possible some Amazon last order deadlines have already been reached, particularly for new or in-demand pieces of tech such as the Apple Watch Series 8. This has less to do with shipping times and more to do with popularity and inventory shortages, which is why we advise you to shop right now if you can. And the other side of this coin is that there are tons of readily available tech that Amazon offers same day shipping for, such as some of the best wireless headphones and best smartwatches, and these are the sorts of gifts you should be able to purchase as late as December 24 and still receive with same-day delivery.

Best Buy

Best Buy logo on a building.

Best Buy is another retailer with lots of great tech to scoop up before the holidays. If you’re shopping the best TVs, you’ll want to make those purchases as early as possible, as larger items typically take longer to get from one place to another. These shipping times can lengthen during the busy-ness of the holidays, so if you see a TV or other large piece of tech you want, get the process of receiving it going as soon as you can. However, Best Buy does have a few TVs that are available for next-day delivery, and this is likely to be the case until at least December 22.

One benefit of shopping Best Buy for your holiday gifts is that it has a lot of brick and mortar locations. This gives you the possibility of working around shipping times as Christmas gets closer and closer. Best Buy offers in-store pickup for many items, so if there’s a Best Buy in your area, there’s a chance you can shop all the way until December 24 and be able to pick up your purchases in person.


Like Amazon, Walmart hasn’t officially set a deadline for orders with guaranteed shipping by Christmas, but it has a past record that’s been consistent, and likely reflects what we’ll see for Christmas 2022. If you’re willing to pay a few extra bucks for two-day shipping, December 22 will be your likely cutoff date at Walmart. December 22 has been the last order Christmas deadline with Walmart in the past. Walmart+ members have access to some shipping perks, including, on some items, free same day delivery. This is something to consider as the holiday shopping window continues to shrink.

Just like Best Buy, things like the best smartwatches and the best tablets are the kind of tech you’ll often be able to order online and pick up in person, making in-store pickup a potential option for getting around shipping times if you aren’t able to do your Christmas shopping until the last minute. In the past, Walmart has allowed in-store pickup through December 24. There’s no guarantee, however, which items will be in stock at your local Walmart.


If you’re planning to do your holiday shopping at Target, the popular retailer will likely be guarantee holiday delivery on some items as long as you place your order by December 23. Larger items such as the best TVs and the best soundbars might need a little extra shipping time, and smaller items such as iPads and the best smartphones are more likely to be eligible for last-minute delivery.

With Target having so many locations, in-store pickup within two hours of purchase at many locations will likely extend your shopping window into December 24. There’s no guarantee what you’re shopping for will be in stock at your local Target, particularly so close to Christmas day, but it’s a legitimate option for last-minute purchases, and for anyone who isn’t able to get their shopping done early this year.

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