Don’t miss this Apple Watch Ultra deal

The yellow circle shows the Apple Watch Ultra is in Low Power Mode.

As the holiday season fast approaches, Apple has made it clear that they will continue to put things on sale so you can end the year right. Any day that you check our Apple deals listings, you’ll be sure to find iPads, iPhones, and iPods with dollars slashed away next to their names. But what about Apple Watch deals? Oh yeah, they’re going to bring us those, too! On today’s menu we have the Apple Watch Ultra, a fancy smartwatch that usually retails for $799. However, if you pick one up while this deal lasts you can get $50 off that standard price, bringing your total down to $749.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Ultra

First things first, the people love it! Currently ranked 1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases for smartwatches, the Apple Watch Ultra is the undeniable king of the best smartwatches. Designed not just for people that need to know the time, the Apple Watch Ultra is a watch for the explorer, for the Apple enthusiast, and for the raw survivalist. It comes in a corrosion-resistant case made of titanium that can withstand water up to 100 meters in depth, so it can survive all of your adventures. The Apple Watch Ultra also provides automatic connection to emergency help if you fall and a piercing siren to alert help, so you can survive all of your adventures. Finally, dual-frequency GPS tech will let you know exactly where you are. Average watch screens can be tricky to see when the sun hits them the wrong way, but the Apple Watch Ultra uses an always-on retina display to make vision easy no matter the weather. Somehow, even with that it still maintains a 36-hour battery life!

But maybe you’re not the survivalist type. Well, you probably do wear gloves, especially in December and the months to follow. Believe it or not, the Apple Watch Ultra’s face is actually designed around glove usage so you can actually navigate it without freezing your fingertips all winter long. Other features for the less adventurous (covered in fantastic detail in our Apple Watch Ultra buying guide) include ovulation trackers, car crash detection, and a quick ECG at your fingertips. There’s a ton to explore — even if you aren’t an explorer yourself — when using an Apple Watch Ultra.

Get ready for adventure and pick up the Apple Watch Ultra today. It’s only $749 while this deal lasts, which is $50 down from the typical $799. Plus, if you buy from Amazon now, you should be able to have yours before Christmas Eve and can return it anytime before January 31st!

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