Perfect for a bedroom or kitchen, this 24-inch Roku TV is under $100

The onn. 70-inch 4K Roku TV hangs on the wall as part of a home theater arrangement.

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years just around the corner, there is a larger than normal chance you find yourself spending an abnormal amount of time in the kitchen. It could be spent preparing your famous cupcakes or perhaps just washing dishes, but it’ll likely happen. A lot of our favorite TV deals this season will keep you entertained… if you’re willing to crane your neck and carefully listen for signs of life from the living room. Why not get something more personal instead? With the Onn. 24-inch Roku TV you can have premium entertainment in a smaller box for only $88 while this deal lasts. That’s $50 off the standard price of $138, so you know this deal won’t last forever. Be sure to pick up your new TV today!

Why you should buy the Onn. 24-inch Class HD LED Roku Smart TV

Big brains, small body. It is what you can expect with the Onn. 24-inch Roku TV. But with that small body comes the power of a low price and something we can call “potency.” By this, we can say that the Onn. 24-inch Roku TV has fantastic quality for its size. When we talk about finding the best Roku TV’s, you’ll only see one 720P TV (it’s our 32-inch budget pick) on offer. However, the smaller the size of the screen, the more potent that 720P resolution will be, making the Onn. 24-inch Roku TV appear to have a more robust appearance than the competition. The LED screen and 60Hz refresh rate certainly help, too.

To further enhance your usage in the kitchen and bedroom, the Onn. 24-inch Roku TV has a couple of things worth pointing out that aren’t immediately obvious. The first is the 100 x 100 VESA mounting pattern on the back. If you haven’t ever mounted a TV before, this is the type of TV you’d want to start with due to the simple fact that nearly every TV mounting kit you find will be compatible with this pattern. When properly installed, it means you can push the TV back into the wall when not using it and create roomier spaces when working with others. The second thing to remember, and this is especially true if you aren’t familiar with Roku, is how voice friendly these smart TV’s are. When your hands are dirty from handling meat or are busy peeling those onions, just give Alexa or your Google Assistant a word for new channels.

Give yourself a treat this holiday season and pick up a Onn. 24-inch Roku TV for only $88, down from $138. It’s the mountable, voice interactable machine you’ve been wanting that is $50 off for a limited time. So, be sure to get it while you still can.

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