Xbox Series S is cheaper now than it was on Black Friday

Xbox Series S

Missed out on grabbing an Xbox Series S on Black Friday for $250 at Walmart? It may not have felt like it at the time but that actually meant you could hold out for a better deal. Right now, at Walmart, you can buy an Xbox Series S for $240, saving you $60 off the usual price of $300. One of the best Xbox Series X and Series S deals around, it works out as an extra $10 off if you bought during Black Friday. Let’s take a look at why the Xbox Series S is worth buying.

Why you should buy the Xbox Series S

Touted as the cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X while still allowing you to play all the latest Xbox games, the Xbox Series S is fantastic value for money. So tiny, you’ll be amazed at how little space it takes up in your home while still being powerful. Fast to use, it offers 512GB of SSD storage although that works out a little lower once you factor in system storage needs. Still, because the Xbox Series S doesn’t use 4K textures like the Series X, its game installs also take up less space so it works out reasonably well.

When comparing the Xbox Series X and Series X, you’ll notice some visual differences. The Series X is much more powerful with the Series X capping resolutions at 1440p but it’s also considerably cheaper. It’s ideal to pair up with a regular 4K TV rather than feeling obliged to find the cash for a high-end OLED or QLED TV as with the Series X.

Ultimately, the Xbox Series S is ideal for anyone looking for a second games console, one for their kids, or if they simply can’t afford the superior Series X. It’s a great entry point for still diving into the extensive Xbox catalog, including Xbox One and older titles.

Normally priced at $300, the Xbox Series S is down to $240 for a limited time only at Walmart. Even cheaper than it was on Black Friday, you save $60 off the usual price. It’s a great way to enjoy Xbox gaming throughout the holidays and beyond.

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