Pokémon Scarlet and Violet TM Machine guide: How to make TMs

Learning moves in Pokémon games usually revolves around leveling up and evolving your trusty monsters. At certain levels, they will gain the ability to learn a new move but can only know so many at one time. There are some moves that are special, though, and can be given to Pokémon without them needing to level up. Technical Machines, or TMs, have been in Pokémon titles since the first-generation games Red and Blue. They are back for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but with a twist.

The new method for acquiring TMs in Scarlet and Violet is called the TM Machine. Ignoring the redundancy of the name, this is a very crucial tool for trainers to get very familiar with on their adventures. It is the only way to give certain moves to your team and keep them in tip-top shape. There are hundreds of TMs in Scarlet and Violet, but if you don’t master the TM Machine, you’ll never get any of them. Here’s a full breakdown of how it works.

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What is the TM Machine?

A trainer accessing a TM Machine.

The TM Machine is the new way trainers will be able to get TMs in Scarlet and Violet. This replaces the old way of simply finding or purchasing TMs throughout the game. The benefit is that you can now actually choose which TM you want to get with the machine, though it isn’t without a cost. Every TM in the game needs to be crafted before you can apply them to a Pokémon. Depending on the TM, it will have a set of resources you need to make it. This will include materials you get from defeating wild Pokémon but also League Points you get from completing story quests or cashing in excess materials.

TM Machines are located in all the Pokémon Centers in the Paldea region, so you will need to make a special trip to grab any TM you may want.

How to make TMs

A list of all the TMs.

As mentioned, making TMs requires you to spend crafting materials and League Points. To do so, visit any Pokémon Center and access the Technical Machine Machine, which is on the green counter. Once activated, you can sort the massive number of TMs based on their number and type. While highlighting a TM, you will also see which, if any, of the Pokémon on your current team can learn that move. If you have the required resources, simply select them and the TM will be yours.

TMs are almost always single-use items, so while you can always spend more resources to make another, you should still be smart about which Pokémon you want to give one to before committing.

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