This Keurig is under $50 for Cyber Monday, but it won’t last

Keurig K-Compact coffee maker alongside coffee pods.

Let’s face it. For most of us, it takes coffee to make it through the working day and our collective longing for a hot beverage gets even worse as winter approaches and temperatures plummet. It’s why we’ve spent quite a bit of time looking for the best Cyber Monday Keurig deals. To get you off on the right foot for Cyber Monday, and hopefully every terrible Monday morning from here on out, we’ve found an amazing deal on the Keurig K-Compact. Over at Walmart, the Keurig K-Compact usually sells for $89, but is just $49 for this Cyber Deal. That’s $40 in savings and a fantastic way to start off your week!

Why you should buy the Keurig K-Compact

The Keurig K-Compact is a single-cup coffeemaker that can be enjoyed even by larger families, as it is able to make a full cup in under a minute’s time. In fact, for a family with diverse coffee tastes, it could even be the ideal machine. Just fill the 36-ounce reservoir and take turns popping in your favorite K-Cup pods to make the 6-, 8-, or even 10 -ounce drink that you’d like. For example, Dad can get a burly 10-ounce Columbian dark roast, Mom her usual 8-ounce donut shop breakfast blend, a 10-ounce tea for big sis, and then a 6-ounce hot chocolate for junior. It’s a lot of variety from one machine… especially in under five minutes!

Speaking of everyone in the family, can you really be sure that anyone will be happy with the Keurig K-Compact? What about the meticulous uncle that likes to use a fancy coffee grinder on his specially imported Coffea canephora beans? The grandpa that turns on the machine but forgets to put his mug down to catch the joe? Well, we’re happy to say that the Keurig K-Compact has them all covered. If you purchase the  you can use whatever you’d like in your Keurig K-Compact. The included drip tray keeps accidents to a minimum, as its capacity is enough to hold a full accidental brew. Truly everyone is covered.

Take advantage of this deal now and receive a Keurig K-Compact for just $49 while this deal lasts. And while you’re in the shopping mood, check out our other ongoing Cyber Monday deals. You’ve just done the hard work of saving $40 off of the $89 Keurig K-Compact, so you can afford to treat yourself a little.

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