This is your last chance to get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for just $1

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

While we’ve covered a lot of Cyber Monday deals about products, there are also a few services worth taking a close look at. If you have the best Kindle for you but nothing to read, that’s a big problem. Luckily, it is an easily solved problem with this great deal on Kindle Unlimited. If you sign up now, you can get three months of Kindle Unlimited for just a dollar each. That’s $3 for three months. At the end of the three months, you’ll have saved $27 and can either cancel or continue on at the usual rate of $10 a month. If you can zoom through a book a week, as we’re sure many of you can, you’ll make it through roughly a dozen books. So, honestly, the savings are a bit more than what initially meets the eye.

Why you should subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

We’ve taught you how to read EPUB files on your Kindle, but sometimes you just want something quick, easy, and with a ton more variety. That’s where Kindle Unlimited comes in, with access to over 3,000,000 titles. This includes everything from popular, modern works like Liu Cixin’s Three-Body Problem series to the classics you still feel guilty about not reading in high school.
While you can read using the Kindle app on any device, you may be looking for something that goes great on that Amazon Kindle 2022 that you’ve been dying to use more. That’s no problem, as Kindle Unlimited has a wide selection of books that have an especially high-quality Great on Kindle reading experience.

Additionally, Kindle Unlimited gives you the opportunity to switch from reading a book to listening to it when you go for a book that has Audible Narration. Plus, get magazine subscriptions for famous publications like Time, People, USA Today, and Reader’s Digest. You won’t run out of things to enjoy with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

So, if you’ve been enticed to join the reading club of the best eReader manufacturer, this is the time to do so while you can get three months of service for just $3. Normally, three months would cost you $30, so that’s a savings of $27 in total. When you’re done, be sure to either cancel or keep enjoying Kindle Unlimited at the usual rate of $10 per month. The choice is in your hands.

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