These true wireless earbuds are $10 at Walmart for Cyber Monday

JLab Go Air Pop in rose.

What in the world?! Earbuds for $10? In a world that rushes onto the next thing every year and discontinues reasonably priced products in favor of newer and more expensive versions, you really don’t expect to see it. The JLab Go Air Pop earbuds are a total cultural anomaly even at their standard $25 price. But at $15 off, the $10 earbuds are among the cheapest Cyber Monday deals. Sure, there are other Cyber Monday headphone deals out there to give you extra value on the latest and greatest tech, but what is going on with the JLab Go Air Pop is truly a sight to behold.

Why you should buy the JLab Go Air Pop

JLab Go Air Pop cases in multiple colors.

You’re probably here right now because of the price, but also a bit skeptical about the abilities of the JLab Go Air Pop… again, because of the price. We get it, that’s always been a worthwhile concern with products like these. In our JLab Go Air Pop review, it was the first thing we addressed, before explaining to readers that “the JLab Go Air Pop are remarkably well-equipped when it comes to features.” You get over 32 hours of battery life with the case, sweat and rain resistance at an IPX4 level, Bluetooth 5.1 functionality, tap controls, and built-in EQ.

Still, they aren’t going to perform as well as the best earbuds. That’s natural. But when framing the product correctly against other earbuds of their own caliber, they still wind up on top. In our cheap earbuds bout of the JLab Go Air Pop vs. Skullcandy Dime, we favored the JLab Go Air Pop in nearly every category of comparison. In fact, the only category that the Skullcandy Dime was able to take over the JLab Go Air Pop was with the controls, where the Dimes use a physical button instead of relying on taps.

When it comes right down to it, the JLab Go Air Pop are priced right now at such a level as to practically be single-use. They make for the best stocking stuffers of the year while they are only $10, which is $15 down from their standard $25 price. To put it into perspective, you can grab a pair in each color right now and the total price would still be less than the total for our pick of best cheap earbuds, so be sure to act on this deal while you still can.

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