Need a PS5 controller? This Cyber Monday deal has you covered

Geoff Keighley holding DualSense.

Do you need a second DualSense controller to play PlayStation 5 couch co-op games with a friend? Or maybe you broke your old one during an intense gaming moment? In either case, Cyber Monday deals have just the thing for you! Right now you can get a PS5 DualSense wireless controller for only $49. That’s up to $26 off the usual price depending on the color, and is a deal you shouldn’t pass up even if you’re not sure how much you’ll use it. So, go ahead and grab one at Walmart while this deal lasts. You’ll have a 30-day free return period to change you mind, so it’s basically risk free!

Why you should buy the Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller

If you bought a new PS5, then you’ve probably already used the DualSense controller, as it’s the default one that comes with the console. While “default” doesn’t necessarily sound like a great word, and there are other great PS5 controllers out there, the DualSense is different. Plus, with seven colors (and an Army-style camo print) to choose from, this can finally be your chance to get the style you’ve always wanted. In our PS5 review we referred to the DualSense controller as “a win” because of its responsiveness and haptic feedback. If the game you’re playing (we suggest Returnal) allows for it, the controller will respond to what is happening in the game via vibration effects and extra tension in the triggers.

Because the DualSense controller is wireless, it means you won’t get tangled up in wires or trip guests that are rushing by the TV. Of course, with wireless tech comes the troubles of recharging. Luckily, the DualSense controller is rechargeable via the same USB-C tech you likely use to charge your phone.

So, that’s the PS5 DualSense controller in a nutshell. Grab it now from Walmart for only $49, which is up to $26 off the usual price. These holiday deals have a tendency to disappear quickly, so go ahead and grab one now. As mentioned previously, you’ll be able to enjoy a generous free return period of 30 days if you end up changing your mind.

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