GoPro Hero 11 Cyber Monday deal knocks $100 off the price

The GoPro Hero 11 Black on a rock with barnacles.
Andy Zahn / Digital Trends

If you’re into the fitness lifestyle and want to record yourself on your adventures, there are few better cameras to do it with than one of the several GoPro models out there. Luckily, we’ve found one of the better Cyber Monday deals on this GoPro Hero 11 Black from Walmart, bringing it down to $400 from $500, which is a nice $100 discount. So if you’ve been waiting to pick one up, then be sure to grab this deal since this is the last big sales event for a while, and if you order it now, it will be there by Christmas!

Why you should buy the GoPro Hero 11 Black

The GoPro Hero 11 Black on rock by the sea with barnacles.
Andy Zahn / Digital Trends

While the GoPro Hero 11 Black may look a lot like its predecessor, there are a lot of great new additions under the hood, but luckily it’s the same excellent body as before, making it backward-compatible with accessories, which we love. Besides the identical look to the GoPro Hero 10 Black, the Hero 11 has had quite a few upgrades, such as a larger vertical sensor, which means you can shoot both vertical and horizontal stuff now without having to switch between the two. You also get improvements to the recording quality, with the ability to record at a 120Mbps bit rate and resolutions of 5.3K video at up to 60 frames per second, 4K at up to 120 fps, and 2.7K at up to 240 fps.

There’s also a great new Hyperview mode, which increases the field of view and better image stabilization, as well as a horizon lock when the camera spins 360 degrees, which is impressive. There’s also the option for still cameras if you want to go that route, and while even the best action cameras aren’t the best for it, the HERO11’s 27-megapixel sensor does a relatively good job of it. GoPro has even thrown in a new long-exposure night mode, which is great for astrophotography and recording light trails, although be aware it will eat your battery up in seconds when you do.

Overall, the Hero 11 Black is an excellent upgrade to the Hero 10, and this deal from Walmart bringing it down to $400 from $500 is one of the best GoPro deals we’ll see for a while. That said, we’d encourage you to check out some GoPro alternative action camera deals if you want something a little different.

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